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Fleets Keep HDD on Point

Focus on maintenance allows managers to maximize HDD service life

July 29, 2015

The top activities for keeping operating costs down center on the drill mechanism: changing and cleaning the bits and drill. Track maintenance is also important.

In 2003, the Construction Equipment Universe Study identified the useful life of a horizontal directional drill to be almost 10 years, with the average age set at 4 years. The primary lifespan was pegged at 4.7 years, which indicated a secondary life of nearly as long.

HDD technology has come a long way since 2003. Today, fleet managers identify controls and ease of operation as the most important factor in purchasing a drill, followed tightly by thrust/pullback specifications and ease of service.

Construction Equipment sent email invitations to select members of our audience who buy, specify or influence purchases of horizontal directional drills. We asked about purchase preferences and considerations. We then delved a bit further to determine how asset-management strategies are being applied to this machine. Read Buying File for more on the state of the HDD market.

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