First All-Hydrostatic Drive System

September 28, 2010

BobcatThe 430 and 435 ZHS compact excavators feature zero house swing (ZHS) and FastTrack—the industry's first all-hydrostatic drive system, according to Bobcat. FastTrack works like the drive system on a skid-steer loader; it splits power infinitely between the right and left tracks. The result is better torque control for dozing, smoother turns under a load, and gradual turns on surfaces like asphalt and concrete. It provides travel speeds up to twice the speed of competitive machines—5.0 mph in high range for the 430 and 5.4 mph for the 435. The other innovation—ZHS—allows the excavator house to remain within the outside edges of the tracks, giving operators 320 degrees of unrestricted motion. Estimated list prices: $41,950 and $49,950, respectively.