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Finn Material Transfer System


Trucking & Hauling

An entirely new product in the company’s offering of landscaping and erosion control equipment, Finn Corporation is introducing the MTS material transfer system with a reversible main-floor conveyor and cross belt. Providing the option to unload material on site from either the curb or road side of the trailer-configured unit, the reversible cross belt also dumps material directly into the wheelbarrow, saving the task of shoveling. Combined with the wide-opening rear door, the main reversible conveyor floor allows an entire load to be dumped in less than a minute. A sloped design on the front of the unit facilitates accurate loading, and speeds for both the main conveyor floor and cross belt are independently adjustable for complete control over material flow rates. The MTS, able to fill a wheelbarrow in four seconds, features a 15-cubic-yard, 11,200-pound-capacity hopper constructed of lightweight aluminum. With an empty weight of 6,800 pounds, the MTS is light enough to be towed by most three-quarter-ton trucks, yet with its steel trailer chassis is still built to handle heavy loads itself.

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