Attachments Provide Versatility to Compact Wheel Loaders

Sept. 28, 2010
For use on compact wheel loaders, the Edge roto tiller from CEAttachments features bi-directional shaft rotation for undercutting and topcutting in both forward and reverse. Hardened, replaceable tines will cut up to 6 inches deep, and the offset mount allows the heavy-duty attachment to be worked right up to obstacles, suiting it for seedbed prep, compost mixing and home-site tilling. A direct-drive hydraulic motor minimizes maintenance, says the company.

Skid Steer Solutions

Identifying a market need for smaller carriers including wheel loaders to be able to side-mow, Skid Steer Solutions has introduced the Terra Boom as part of its Edge Series of mowers, for use on any machines able to accommodate skid-steer attachments. Designed for contractors or municipal crews requiring the extra reach to be able to mow areas off to the side of the carrier, the Terra Boom extends 12 feet from the boom centerline to the outer edge of the mower.


With an expanded range of speeds and torques increasing utilization, Premier Auger drive units are well suited for use on compact wheel loaders, says the company. Featuring in-line drive planetary gear reduction, the design of the Premier Auger product allows the drive unit to follow the auger bit into the ground, adding to overall digging depth. Wear life is extended by greaseable pins located at pivot points on the heavy-duty mounts.


Clamping to loader buckets up to 2.5 cubic yards in capacity, General Equipment's 130C Cut-R-Tach asphalt cutter requires no special tools, modifications or adaptors. The patented, twin-screw pivot clamp conforms to differences in bucket shapes and sizes, and can be used in forward and reverse cutting. A 13.5-inch-diameter cutting blade is machined from a heat-treated alloy steel and yields a maximum asphalt cutting depth of 5 inches.


Operating on standard-flow hydraulics, Caterpillar's BA22, BA25 and BA30 angle brooms offer sweeping widths from 87 to 118 inches. A suspension system eliminates the need for support wheels and allows the broom to float freely over the surface. Constant ground pressure from the polypropylene/wire convoluted brushes is maintained through a range of vertical motion. A hydraulic angling option allows the broom angle to be controlled from the operator's seat.

Compact Power

Equipped with a universal mini-skid mount plate, the Boxer-branded grapple bucket turns compact articulating wheel loaders into quick worksite clean-up machines, says Compact Power. Maneuver the carrier through obstacles with ease, extend the telescopic boom into piles of brush and refuse, and grab a load with the hydraulic jaws. Retract the boom, transport the hard-to-handle materials to a waiting dump truck, and simply offload.