Attachments Provide Excavators With Versatility

Sept. 28, 2010


Uniquely designed for Gradall excavators, the Telestick boom extension increases the reach and range of the XL 4000 excavator model to 45 feet 9 inches. The working end of the Telestick can be equipped with buckets, blades and grapples for hard-to-reach jobs such as removing flood debris or dredging canals and ponds. The excavator's high-pressure load-sensing hydraulics system powers the boom movement and attachment, using an optional auxiliary hydraulics quick-connect system. For Gradall carriers not equipped with auxiliary hydraulics, a hose is quickly installed and protected inside the triangular boom.

Stanley Labounty

For second-member use on 50,000-pound carriers, the MSD 2500 is one of 14 mobile shears offered in Stanley LaBounty's MSD Saber Series. For the MSD 2000 models up, the use of opposing and offset guide mechanisms — or slide pucks — for the upper jaw reduces jamming and increases blade and upper jaw life. Both rotating and non-rotating shears are available for second- and third-member use to cut structural steel, cable, wire, concrete and other non-ferrous metals. Stanley LaBounty additionally offers bucket linkage shears, wood shears, universal processors, and heavy-duty grapples to equip excavators in the 40,000- to 60,000-pound range.


Featuring a curved profile, the new G2 PowerClamp hydraulic bucket thumb from Amulet Manufacturing is available in non-linkage or progressive linkage for use with or without a quick coupler. The new design features a custom-positioned, bucket-specific tooth bar. The G2 PowerClamp is made of high-strength alloy plate using extra-heavy welds, hardened pins, AR400 steel teeth and heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders. Also newly introduced by Amulet, the StickGrip welds on to an excavator's lower dipper stick to inexpensively maximize the ability to grasp logs, boulders and scrap.


Helac enhances the versatility of 40,000- to 60,000-pound excavators with two models of PowerTilt swing attachments and one PowerGrip multi-purpose jaw bucket. PowerTilt models, the PT-10 and PT-11, offer up to 90 degrees of left and right rotation for a full 180 degrees of side-to-side swing capacity, allowing the operator to simply tilt the attachment rather than moving the entire machine. A built-in internal cross port relief valve provides hydraulic overload protection. The PowerGrip PG-08 provides, with one bucket, the ability to grip with a jaw, handle material with a clam, finish grade with a smooth lip, and excavate with teeth.


As part of Komac's "luxury class" of hydraulic breakers, the TOR23 is designed for carriers weighing 39,683 to 57,320 pounds and, as with the five other model sizes in the TOR Series, comes in a choice of vertical, silence and horizontal configurations. TOR breakers feature an auto-greasing system, blank firing protection system, underwater system and accumulator-located shock-absorbing system. For simple oil-flow adjustment, the valve and cylinder adjuster is displayed in the front panel. The breaker's non-stop pins cannot fall out, thus preventing the pucks from shifting.


Following the excavator bucket tip through an extended range of motion, the new Geith hydraulic Pro-Link thumb offers rotation of at least 180 degrees, for improved material pick-up and placement. Custom-built of high-strength 400BHN material, the thumb uses a universal linkage pivot system that can be installed on the carrier's arm without removing the dipper arm linkage. The lock-up pin of the thumb contributes to operator safety by adding ram protection, and provides storage for the thumb when not in use. Built-in linkage positional stop protects the thumb ram.

Lincoln Industrial

For efficient machine lubrication, Lincoln Industrial's Reel-N-Flow pump and reel kit has a built-in pressure switch that extends service life by allowing the pump to operate only when needed. To meet the demands of excavators, the kit features high-pressure, high-flow capabilities at up to 6,000 pounds per square inch of pressure, which is enough to overcome tight pins/bushings or blocked lube points to deliver grease in extreme temperatures. With 24-volt DC electric operation, installation is simple for the kit, comprised of the Lincoln FlowMaster electric pump, heavy-duty hose reel, control valve and swivel.


As part of a power attachment product family that includes three different sizes of grapples with various jaw configurations for use on excavators up to 45 tons, Rotobec's heavy-duty RPA 4570R has a three-by-four-tine configuration designed to handle logs, wood debris and stumps. All Rotobec grapples can be used with the company's RGP rotator system, which is positioned at the excavator's tool cylinder. The rotator offers high swing torque forces, thanks to a large slewing ring designed to withstand the tool cylinder's force.


Danuser Industrial Group introduced earlier this decade a line of hydraulic earth augers for the construction and landscaping markets, including high-pressure drive units for larger excavators. Handling hydraulic pressure ranging from 1,500 to 5,000 pounds per square inch and flow rates from 25 to 60 gallons per minute, the Danuser high-pressure augers are available in a variety of mounting methods for either a bucket or knuckle mounting to an excavator. While the drive units are welded robotically to ensure higher quality and uniform welds, the Auburn gearboxes utilize a bearing nut for greater output and retention compared to a snap ring.


For mounting to the boom tip of any conventional 30-ton excavator, Watson now offers the ExcaDrill EDT-5 model for swing, reach and variable-grade drilling in restricted-site applications. With 40,000 foot-pounds of force, the dual motor rotary enables both high/low and variable drill speed control ranging from 30 to 60 revolutions per minute. Front-to-back and side-to-side tilt features enable set-up in varying ground slope conditions, and 120-rpm spinoff allows quick clearing of the auger. The new model joins the larger EDT-7 and EDT-10.

Atlas Copco

Utilizing Krupp technology, the MB 1200 hydraulic breaker from Atlas Copco boasts such features as the AutoControl monitoring system and StartSelect. AutoControl allows breaker frequency and power output to match the operating conditions, by firing the first stroke at half-power to create a pilot notch that will center the tool and prevent unnecessary slippage. With the StartSelect system, breaker start-up and shut-off can likewise be adjusted to fit jobsite conditions, thus avoiding blank firing. With a weight of 2,650 pounds, the MB 1200 is suited for excavators in the 33,000- to 57,000-pound range, accepting maximum hydraulic flow of 37 gallons per minute at 2,610 pounds per square inch of pressure.


Encased with a one-piece enclosure to protect critical components, Kent's Qt hydraulic breakers are designed for jobsites that demand reduced noise levels. While higher back head pressure and larger piston diameter result in a 20-percent increase in impact energy over previous models, an intake prevention system prevents dust from entering the front head during the piston upstroke, says Kent Demolition Tools. Recommended for excavators in the 21- to 24-ton weight range, the KF 22 Qt is the most popular of Kent's larger hammers. A built-in hydraulic safety valve actuates when the carrier pressure exceeds the maximum limit.

Craig Manufacturing

As part of a 15-plus-model attachment product line including manual and hydraulicwedgelock couplers, hydraulic thumbs, pin grabbers and rakes, Craig recently redesigned its hydraulic tilt grading bucket for increased articulation and enhanced protection of hydraulic hoses and cylinders. Available with various bolt-on edges, the bucket tilts up to 45 degrees left or right for custom grading. Contractors can build multiple-grade planes without repositioning the excavator or requiring extensive finish work by ground crews.


For use on excavators in the 40,000- to 60,000-pound range, a choice of two breaker models is offered by Tramac. Both the V1200 and V32 feature variable speed technology which, upon sensing changes in material hardness, adjusts the impact energy of 5,000 foot-pounds and the striking rates of between 400 and 1,050 blows per minute, depending on breaker model and carrier. This is to maximize productivity while reducing harmful energy transferred back to the carrier, achieved by the V1200 with two speeds and the V32 with 15 speeds. Both models come in silenced MS versions also.


Available in heavy- and severe-duty configurations for 40,000- to 45,000-pound machines, the HD45 excavator bucket is manufactured with AR400 steel — said to be30 percent stronger and 46 percent harder than T-1 steel. As standard, the HD45 bucket features thick horizontal wear straps, full-curve side wear straps and D-rings. Additionally, AIM offers five-tine grapples in 36-, 42- and 48-inch widths for excavators ranging from 25,000 to 100,000 pounds. High-capacity models are also available, coming in 54- and 60-inch widths.


Under the Central Fabricators brand of Woods Equipment, the CF "X" Series buckets are built with the strength required for excavator use. The back sides of the ears are attached to the double thickness bridge/moldboard overlap, while corner gussets provide rigidity to the bucket's upper corners with minimal interference to material flow. The front corners feature a unique interlocking welded joint between the cutting edge and replaceable side cutter insert. The side cutter insert and cutting edge are notched to provide a larger, stronger and more rigid attaching joint.


With 11 models ranging from 100 to 8,000 foot-pounds in impact energy, Huskie hydraulic hammers incorporate only two moving parts and fewer total parts for improved field serviceability and reduced downtime. For instance, Huskie hammers use a 12-piece seal kit that can be installed in about two hours. Power-to-weight ratios are hallmarks of the Huskie line. While delivering 8,000 foot-pounds of impact energy, the brawny HH8000 weighs in at just 7,620 pounds, including a top cap or mounting bracket.