Gallery of Skid Steer Loaders

Sept. 28, 2010


Power and Comfort Boost Performance

  • Case
  • Caterpillar
  • Bobcat
  • Mustang
  • Volvo
  • Gehl
  • Thomas Equipment
  • John Deere
  • Komatsu
  • New Holland
  • JCB


Power and Comfort Boost Performance

At January's World of Concrete, Case unveiled its new 400 Series 3 line of skid steer loaders with Tier 3 engines, a redesigned cab and improved service ability. Engine horsepower and torque increased on each model, including the 435, 440, 445, 450 and 465 large loaders, with Case engines ranging from 72 to 82 horsepower. A 7-percent increase in cab headroom allows installation of a standard suspension seat. Side lighting provides full visibility along the sides of the machine during night operation.

Number of models: 5

New models: 435, 440, 445, 450, and 465

Product-line features: The wide-fin side-by-side radiator and oil cooler are sized for high-flow auxiliary hydraulics and operating in extreme temperatures. A no-maintenance fan belt on the 435 and 445 Series 3 models is a plus, while an automatic belt tensioner on the 440, 450 and 465 eliminates the need for belt adjustments. Improved oil and fuel-filter access and remote oil drain help avoid spills and speed service.


New Top Cat Offers Computer Control

Cat refined the positioning of hydraulic cylinders to improve lift and tilt forces of all its large skid steers compared to the equivalent B-Series models, and added the 256C and 272C to the range. At 90 net horsepower, the 272C (3,250 pounds rated capacity) is the most powerful Caterpillar skid steer. Electronic torque management maximizes power to the ground and prevents the engine from stalling in tough digging and heavy lifting.

Number of models: 5

New models: 246C, 252B Series 2, 256C, 262C and 272C

Product-line features: C-Series skid steers offer an optional performance package that includes a speed-sensitive ride control. At high speeds, ride control automatically engages and allows the loader arms to float. Loader arms act like a shock absorber, allowing for higher operating speeds with better load retention and more comfortable operation.


New Biggest of the Bobcats

The newest model in Bobcat's K-Series large-framed loaders is its top-of-the-line S330 introduced in January 2007. With rated operating capacity of 3,300 pounds, it moved Bobcat over the 3,000-pound mark and placed a model within reasonably competitive range (550 pounds) of the behemoth Gehl 7810E/Mustang 2109. Perhaps more importantly, its 6,720-pound tipping load is larger than anything except the Gehl/Mustang monster.

Number of models: 4

New models: S330

Product-line features: All Bobcat K-Series skid steers with rated capacity of 2,200 pounds and more now come with a variable speed, hydraulically driven cooling fan that senses engine temperature and can be 30 percent quieter. Bobcat upgraded large-frame loaders' drive chains size to 120 HSOC (high strength oval chain) from 100 HSOC on K-Series, making the bowtie-style drive chains 38-percent stronger.


Proportional Auxiliary-Hydraulic Control

Mustang swapped the Cummins engine in the 2076 and 2086 skid steer loaders for the Tier-3 Yanmar turbo-diesel engines, moving up from 80 to 84 net horsepower. Conventional hand-and-foot controls are improved with pilot-hydraulic foot pedals and a new proportional auxiliary-hydraulic control. The joystick pilot control option remains with built-in proportional control, as well as a ride control feature. Customers who prefer the dual-hands control pattern can change the joysticks to provide for that control pattern.

Number of models: 3

New models: 2076, 2086, and 2109

Product-line features: Mustang and Gehl segregate their 2,200- and 2,600-pound-rated-capacity skid steers by engine choice. Mustang's Yanmars contrast with the Deutz engines Gehl chooses. All the engines are rated at 82 or 84 horsepower.


Big Power in a Light Package

The B Series increased room in Volvo's skid-steer cockpit, and brought with it a deluxe, high-back standard seat and one of the largest entry and exit openings in the industry. There's only one skid steer lighter than the Volvo MC110B in the range from 2,300 pounds to 2,500 pounds rated operating capacity, yet Volvo's 2,400-pound machine delivers more bucket breakout force than half of the 2,500-pound units in the market. Volvo offers a choice of pilot operated joysticks or mechanical hand-and-foot controls.

Number of models: 1

New models: MC110B

Product-line features: Volvo builds the 16-valve D3.4A turbo diesel that delivers 80.5 net horsepower to the MC110B skid steer. The oil cooler tilts away from the radiator for easy cleaning. 


Pilot Controls Manage More Capacity

Gehl increased the operating capacities of its large-framed skid steers with introduction of the E-Series, taking the 5640E to 2,200 pounds (from 2,000 pounds), the 6640E to 2,600 pounds (from 2,400 pounds), and the 7810E to 3,875 pounds (from 3,675 pounds). The company claims enhanced reliability and drive performance from Poclain's refined radial-piston drive motors, while reducing sound levels. The new models got pilot-operated joystick controls and finger-tip, proportional control of auxiliary hydraulics.

Number of models: 3

New models: 5640E, 6640E, 7810E

Product-line features: The low-profile Power View lift arm improves operator views to the left and right over the lift arm and lifts loads in a nearly vertical path. Gehl boosted rated operating capacity of the industry's largest skid steer, the 7810E (and Mustang 2109), to 3,850 pounds.

Thomas Equipment

Fast Powerhouse

Thomas uses the Kubota V3300-T turbo-diesel rated at 83 horsepower in its 250 and 255 skid-steer models, which is at least 10 percent more power than any other skid steer rated at 2,500 pounds operating capacity. The 250 moves briskly around jobsites at 7.5 mph — faster than any other 2,500-pound skid steers. The two-speed-equipped 255 fairly sprints at 12.3 mph — 2 mph faster than any other large-framed loader.

Number of models: 2

Product-line features: Only two skid steers with rated capacities under 3,000 pounds — Bobcat's S220 and S250 — offer as much auxiliary hydraulic flow as the 40 gpm delivered by the high-flow 250 and 255.

John Deere

Digital Joysticks Extend Control Choice

John Deere made electro-hydraulic joysticks an optional control choice on its large-framed 325, 328 and 332 skid steers. With addition of the drive-by-wire option, which Deere calls E-H controls, the company now offers the most skid-steer control patterns on the market, including hand-and-foot controls; Case-style H hand controls or ISO pattern using pilot hydaulics; and the new E-H, ISO-pattern hand controls. About two years ago, Deere applied an electrical motor to its optional Power Quik-Tatch, taking advantage of the relatively easy-moving, patented system for retaining attachments.

Number of models: 3

Product-line features: Deere added a few notable standard features to its large-framed loaders in the past few years, including an anti-theft system, a 12-volt receptacle and storage, interior dome lighting, a cup holder, and enhanced engine and hydraulic sound deadening.


Anti-Stall Comes Standard

Komatsu strives to distinguish its SK1026-5 skid steer with a few standard features that are commonly options on large-frame loaders. Two speed travel motors with a top speed of 10 mph, self leveling bucket, two-way auxiliary hydraulics, and anti stall Automatic Power Control are all standard equipment. It delivers the greatest height to the bucket pin (128.3 inches) and dump reach (36.8 inches) of any skid steer from 2,500 to 2,700 pounds rated operating capacity. In fact, you have to go up to a machine with 3,250 pounds rated capacity to get more load-over height, and all the way to 3,850 pounds capacity to get more dump reach.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: Komatsu eases maintenance with special bronze bushings and dust seals in the loader linkage that stretch the pin-greasing interval to 250 hours. Komatsu allows the same grade of multi-viscosity oil to serve as engine oil, hydraulic oil and chain-case.

New Holland

Bigger Engines and Better Cooling

The list of updates to New Holland's large-framed loaders reads much like that of their Case counterparts in the CNH family. In 2008, New Holland Construction will finish reintroducing its Super Boom skid steers with a new Tier-3 certified FPT (Fiat Power Technology) engine that will boost horsepower. More-powerful batteries (30 percent more cold cranking amps), starters and standard grid heaters will improve cold starts. Larger cabs with convex glass door, more headroom and elbow support, and standard suspension seat were introduced last June.

Number of models: 3

New models: Super Boom L180, L185, L190

Product-line features: New Holland continues to distinguish its skid steers from Case, and most other models on the market with longer wheelbase — putting the 2,800-pound ROC L190 within range of Cat's 3,250-pound 272C, and its scissor-style vertical-lift boom.


Lower Boom, Better View

JCB recently lowered the single, right-side loader arm of its Robot 1110 skid steer to improve the operator's view over the boom. Side-door entry remains an exclusive JCB feature in skid steers, eliminating the need for operators to climb over attachments to enter the loader.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: The Robot 1110 skid steer is powered by JCB's 82 net horsepower 1104C-44T diesel engine. Hydraulic self-leveling is an available option for pallet work.