Attachments Turn Skid Steers Into More Than Loaders

Sept. 28, 2010

Caterpillar HM315 Mulcher

Caterpillar added the HM315 mulcher to its lineup to maximize production with Cat skid steers and multi-terrain loaders equipped with XPS hydraulics. The 57-inch cutter head is driven by an axial-piston-pump hydraulic motor. The dynamically balanced rotor has three sets of counter-rotating knives — 34 tungsten-carbide teeth — and Cat says it will process brush up to 8 inches in diameter. A hydraulically operated front hood accommodates trees and dense vegetation, and the adjustable pusher bar helps control falling trees.

Genesis Versi-Pro

Modular jaw sets — grapple, shear and concrete cracker jaws — for Genesis Attachments' Versi-Pro System (GVP) allow varied processing capabilities from a single attachment. Versi-Pro is designed for use on 65- to 80-horsepower skid steers and mini excavators weighing 10,000 to 15,000 pounds. Additional jaw sets are currently being designed. The 360-degree rotation feature is standard equipment. Fast jaw changes and field maintenance can be conducted with nothing more than a standard set of hand tools. Genesis says changing the jaws can be completed in as little as 10 minutes.

Bobcat Expands Breaker Line

The HB280 and HB2380 expand Bobcat's line of hydraulic breakers up and down. The HB280, in the 59 foot-pound energy class, is a smaller version of current Bobcat hammers and the HB2380 is a 700 foot-pound model. The HB280 weighs 127 pounds and delivers 1,120 to 1,290 blows per minute with a hydraulic flow of 3.4 to 6.1 gallons per minute. The HB2380 provides 600 to 950 blows per minute with a hydraulic flow range of 19.8 to 33 gallons per minute. They feature auto power and an automatic pressure regulator that ensures maximum performance of the breakers, regardless of tool carrier hydraulic flow variations or changes in outdoor temperature.

Bradco Tree and Brush Mulchers

Five models of the Magnum line of brush-cutter heads range from 165 horsepower up to 500 horsepower and outfit skid steers, loaders, and excavators with tools for clearing land, remediation, reforestation and more. The fixed-tooth cutter/mulcher head features a patented hammer design. Configured to mount close to the base machine, the low-profile mulcher is intended to improve the operator's view of the work, and is credited with improving overall machine balance.

McLaren Dig-&-Grab Grapple Bucket

McLaren Industries' Dig-&-Grab heavy-duty digging bucket with grapple attachment combines the loading and leveling functions of a standard bucket with the grabbing abilities of a grapple. The Dig-&-Grab is available in three sizes — 66, 72 and 78 inches wide — and is constructed of manganese-and-chromium steel alloy. All buckets are 20 inches deep, with a thick, 6-inch-deep leading edge. The hydraulic cylinder opens the four heavy-duty grapple tines up to 35 inches wide. Tines are 5/8-inch thick, rivaling ½-inch-thick tines on many competitive units, according to McLaren.

Thomas Rumble-Strip Grinder

Thomas Grinding's new SS-200 Rumble Strip Machine for skid steers is able to grind shoulder rumble strips, center line rumble strips, transverse rumble strips, and also does small road planing and line removal. The technology behind the new SS-200 has been field tested for more than 15 years and more than 35,000 miles of actual rumble strip grinding operation.

Case/Bradco Cold Planers

For its 400-Series skid steers, Case brands five models of Bradco high-flow cold planers that range from 16 to 40 inches wide with cutting depths to 5 inches. Case says the HP Series planers can take on high-density concrete and asphalt. Depth, tilt and sideshift control are located in the cab. An independent pivoting head tracks contours, and independent self-leveling depth adjustment allows for precise over-lapping and taper cuts. A hinged cover permits easy access for maintenance and pick replacement.

Meyer Snow Plow

Meyer says its Diamond Trip-Edge snow blade is designed for optimum snow rolling action and has large capacity for snow stacking. The lift path of a skid steer allows you to stack snow high and accurately. The Meyer skid steer mounting can be used with Meyer Diamond Edge 6- to 7½-foot moldboards.

Pengo Bolt-On Rock Head

Pengo designed its new Bolt-On Rock Head (BoRH) auger bit to transform the maker's general-purpose Aggressor into a rock-ready auger. The BoRH locks into place using wear caps — which provide a smooth transition and protect the general purpose head — and existing pilot bit. The wear caps' lugs interface with recesses in the Aggressor head, allowing unobstructed removal of spoil from the hole. The BoRH features the new P21-RR carbide tooth, with its enlarged shoulder to protect the holder during drilling.

The Shoe

The Shoe is said to cut through asphalt about 12 inches deep and leaves the trench ready for repaving because it shaves the soil, rather than scarifying like a backhoe bucket. The trench is ready to pave in one pass, without compaction, according to the manufacturer. The Shoe mounts easily with a wrench on any general purpose or four-in-one loader bucket. The skid steer, backhoe loader, or wheel loader bucket handles lots of material compared to using a backhoe bucket. The Shoe is available in 12-, 18-, 24-, 36-, and 48- inch standard sizes, and can be custom ordered to accommodate specific widths or depths of cut.


  • Caterpillar HM315 Mulcher
  • Genesis Versi-Pro
  • Bobcat Expands Breaker Line
  • Bradco Tree and Brush Mulchers
  • McLaren Dig-&-Grab Grapple Bucket
  • Thomas Rumble-Strip Grinder
  • Case/Bradco Cold Planers
  • Meyer Snow Plow
  • Pengo Bolt-On Rock Head
  • The Shoe