Buying File Gallery: Dozers

Sept. 28, 2010

New Holland Construction

Improved Cooling and Cab Comfort

B-Series crawler dozers provide improved cooling. Machines can operate in ambient temperatures 10 degrees hotter than previous models, due to improved performance out of the radiator, transmission cooler and hydraulic cooler. A new radiator grill and perforated engine side panels improve airflow. Cab improvements include climate control, air ride seats, and finger lever controls.

Number of models: 5

New models: LS150.B, LS180.B

Product-line features: B-Series powershift transmission features three speeds in both forward and reverse and two push-button automatic features—auto load and auto shift. Controls are built into fully adjustable armrests: pilot controls handle steering and transmission; pilot-operated joystick controls the blade.


Geared Steering Puts Full Power at Tracks

Two-speed geared-type steering drive delivers full power to both tracks while turning. Two left-hand steering levers hydraulically actuate oil-cooled multiple-disc clutch and brake packs. When the low-range detent position is attained, it engages the planetary clutch pack and its respective gear train for full-powered turns. Coupled to a three-speed transmission, the drive provides six forward and six reverse speeds.

Number of models: 10

New models: TD7H, TD9H, TD15H LA, TD20H LA, TD25H LA

Product-line features: Smaller dozers are available with torque converter powershift or direct-drive powershift drive trains. Medium and large dozers feature two-speed geared steering. Hexagonally shaped cab and suspended seat that can be angled 15 degrees have improved visibility; air conditioning, heating pressurization and filtration enhance operator comfort. 


Integrated Components Optimize Life

Drive-train components on the D5N and D6N are electronically integrated. The operator can pre-select a forward and reverse gear for easy directional changes, and an auto-kickdown function makes the transmission downshift when it detects significant load increases. Clutch electronics modulate clutches individually for improved shift quality, and load-compensating shifting adjusts engagement timing based on load factor. Controlled throttle shifting regulates engine speed during high-energy directional changes.

Number of models: 12

New models: D3, D4, and D5 G-Series; D5N; D6N

Product-line features: AccuGrade Laser Grade Control system is factory-installed on dozers less than 100 horsepower. Differential steering, available on some models, has a separate hydraulic pump that gives the operator plenty of flow for steering and using implements.

Komatsu America

Electronics Provide Speed Control

The KomStat II line, which includes the D31, D37 and D39, adds the exclusive electronic control hydrostatic transmission. Combined with the ergonomically designed palm-fitting pilot controls, these dozers provide operators with 20 increments of speed adjustment in variable mode, or three distinct speed ranges in intermediate mode. In both instances, operators are able to match dozing speed to site conditions. Adjustable reverse speed control allows the machine to reverse at speeds different from its chosen forward speed.

Number of models: 27

New models: D31-21, D37-21, D39-21, D65-15, D85-15. D61-15 to be introduced in the fall.

Product-line features: Hydrostatic steering system has a larger steering pump and motor capacity for minimum turning radius with greater steering forces. Palm-command control system allows control to both tracks and blade in direct proportion to control lever movement.


Maximum Load, Minimum Fuel

PR734's hydrostatic drive provides high fuel efficiency, in addition to providing continuously variable speed control and high maneuverability. Spacious cab interior is quiet. Serviceability is enhanced with a tilting cab, centralized service points, and data download via notebook.

Number of models: 5

New models: PR734

Product-line features: The superior climbing ability offered by hydrostatics, coupled with a low center of gravity, give these machines stable performance even in extreme terrain. An electronic engine speed sensing control protects drive components from overload without compromising performance. 

John Deere

Power Management Delivers Efficiency

Full-featured hydrostatic drive on the 230-hp 950C delivers power turns, infinite speed control and power management. With an infinitely variable range from 0 to 6.8 mph, the dozer allows an operator to choose the ground speed. As loads change, the drive train responds, automatically powering up or down to maintain peak engine rpm and efficiency. Liebherr manufactures both the 950C and 1050C for Deere.

Number of models: 8

New models: 750C and 850C Series II, 950C

Product-line features: Wet-sleeve engines provide maximum life. The same multi-viscosity engine oil is used in the engine and hydrostatic drive to reduce customer cost. The same style power-train design is used in all models, so fleets can develop operators more readily, enabling them to move easily from one Deere dozer to another. 


Larger Pumps Power Tracks

Hydrostatic pumps and motors were enlarged on the 650, 750 and 850 K Series dozers, enabling the dual-path drive to maintain a 2:1 power ratio speed when steering. Each side has components sized to accommodate high horsepower so larger blade loads can be pushed through curves. Operators control the drive with a single lever, which has electronic straight tracking, two bump-up, bump-down speed buttons with six speed increments, and an adjustable ratio of reverse to forward speed.

Number of models: 7

New models: 650K, 750K, 850K

Product-line features: With a larger-diameter sprocket, two additional teeth have been added to extend undercarriage life. The operator platform is isolation-mounted from the main frame to cushion against noise and vibration. Visibility has been increased with a direct line of sight to the back of the blade.

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