Buying File Gallery: Concrete Slipform Pavers

Sept. 28, 2010


Wired for Stringless Paving

GOMACO combines its G21 electronic controller and the Leica three-dimensional grading system to control a paver's direction and grade without stringline. Stringless control is plug-and-play. GOMACO's digital operating system is compatible with the J1939 CAN network, and the G21 processor has 20 times more program memory to process more complex program code and control multiple functions. Leica's computer, loaded with the project coordinates, is interfaced with the G21 controller, and robotic total stations track paver position with laser shots to prisms mounted on the machine.

Number of models: 4

Product-line features: Control systems on GOMACO's Commander III, GP-2600, and GHP-2800 slipform pavers use the G21 electronics. The GP-4000 also interfaces with stringless laser control systems from Leica.


Hydraulic Frame Squeezes to 8 Feet

HEM reintroduced the 8–16 slipform paver with a hydraulic sliding frame replacing bolt-in sections. The model will pave widths from an 8-foot bike path to 16-foot lanes, and an optional extension kit stretches it up to 22 feet. All three HEM slipform pavers are now available as four-track machines. Control systems are all hydraulic.

Number of models: 3

New models: 8–16

Product-line features: New options on the Cat-powered paver line include four-point vertical lift for loading. The units are designed so that a lowboy trailer can be backed under them for easy transport.

Guntert & Zimmerman

Single-Telescoping Paver Cuts Cost

Guntert & Zimmerman created the S850ST paver to offer a lower-cost, single-telescopic version of its S850 double-telescoping slipformer. The Quadra pavers' frame telescopes from both sides of the tractor's main frame for paving-width changes. The ST version telescopes from one side only, offering paving widths from 12 to 19 feet. Frame extensions can be bolted into the non-telescoping side of the tractor frame for a width range from 18 to 25 feet. A kit has been developed to extend the S850's maximum working width, without a dowel bar inserter, to 37½ feet — 34 feet with a DBI.

Number of models: 4

New models: S850ST

Product-line features: Guntert & Zimmerman's S850 Quadra paver, including paving kit, self-loads on a trailer at less than 12 feet wide. The modular Compact Dowel Bar Inserter mounts to an S850 with no need for a crane, and also self-loads on a single truckload at less than 12 feet wide.

Power Pavers

Rebalanced for Float

Power Pavers moved the front posts of its SF-2700 two-track paver forward two feet to rebalance the slipformer and allow the use of an automatic float. The move also improves the operator's view to the front of the machine. Both Power Pavers — the SF-2700 and SF-3000 — can be equipped with a belt finisher as well.

Number of models: 2

Product-line features: Power Pavers slipformers come with an auger strike-off as standard equipment. It helps present a consistent head of material to the metering point. Single-speed track motors reduce the amount of side clearance necessary to pave through developed sites. 

Terex Roadbuilding

Pan Profile Doubled for Smoother Slabs

Terex Roadbuilding doubled the pan profile length on the B-Series SF-2204B HVW (hydraulic variable width) concrete slipform paver from 24 to 48 inches to help maintain quality paving results. Other design changes aim to improve performance and reliability. For example, modified track frames enhance support, even in marginal trackline conditions. Two-speed, variable-displacement drive motors increase travel speed 73 percent to 90 feet/minute. The B Series is also available with an optional 2-foot extension kit for 22-foot-wide paving.

Number of models: 8

New models: SF-2204B HVW

Product-line features: Terex Roadbuilding is expected to introduce two more Terex ¦ CMI slipform pavers, Models SF-3502 and SF-3504, early this year. 


New Engine and Hydraulic Power

Rexcon repowered the Town and Country paver with a new Caterpillar C9 diesel rated at 325 gross horsepower and the next generation of Sauer-Danfoss hydraulic pumps. Hydraulic sensors and hydraulic cylinders have replaced grade sensors and jack screws. The Town and Country is one of the most powerful two-tracked concrete pavers available.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: Rexcon changed the Town and Country's steering system to a Sauer Danfoss Proportional Rotary Position Controller, doing away with control boards in the electrical system. Electrical control replaces the cable for controlling tamper-bar speed, and torque output for the tamper-bar motor is increased.

High-Tech Grade Control Hits Slipform Pavers