Gallery of Curb-and-Gutter Pavers

Sept. 28, 2010


Three-Track Machine Controlled Remotely

Introduced at World of Concrete 2007, GOMACO's GT-3400 is the first curb-and-gutter machine to be controlled by remote control. Capable of either right- or left-side pouring, the GT-3400 was built to operate in tight-radius conditions with an all-new three-track footprint featuring all-track steering. This also facilitates getting on and off the stringline fast, and minimizes machine length. Powered by a 136-horsepower electronically controlled Caterpillar engine, the two-track-speed GT-3400 can travel up to 125 fpm.

Number of models: 8

New model: GT-3400

Product-line features: The GT-3400 features the GOMACO G21 digital controller, but also offers the option of the new G22. Incorporating a dual-language feature, the G22 has an easy-to-understand graphical display with colored pictograms depicting the machine's functions.

Power Curbers

New Control System for Updated 5700

In what is now the fourth generation in Power Curbers's 5700 Series of curb-and-gutter machines launched in 1985, the new 5700-C model is available with a choice of control systems. A new electronic system offers the simplicity of an analog system with the features of a digital machine, providing the operator greater flexibility for sensor adjustment. By looking at screens on his panel, the operator can determine if there is a cord, sensor or amplifier problem, and adjust before the curb is adversely affected. With the 23,600-pound 5700-C, Power Curbers switched to a 130-horsepower Cummins engine from the Deutz engine used in the 5700-Super-B model.

Number of models: 3

New model: 5700-C

Product-line features: The 5700-C offers a right-hand pour, in addition to the left-side pour traditional in North America. A standard swivel chute allows trucks to be lined up in front of the machine, instead of to the side, allowing for single-lane pouring. 

Miller Formless

Model Tackles Tight-Radius Applications

As part of a three-model product line topped by the market's largest unit, the M-8800 barrier wall machine at 36,600 pounds, Miller Formless offers a unique tight-radius four-track curb-and-gutter machine, the 18,800-pound M-1000. While all four tracks steer all the time for increased maneuverability, the M-1000's longer auger carries enough concrete to get the machine around tight-radius jobs as the mixer truck repositions. Each of the four-track M-1000, M-8100 and M-8800 models have new Tier 3 engines and new higher-capacity cooling systems.

Number of models: 3

Product-line features: As a solution for pouring wet/dry curb and gutter, the M-1000 has a mold with a variable gutter section that can be adjusted on thefly. This method keeps the face of the curb batter, the top of curb grade, and the offset correct while pouring transitions.


'Compact' Available with Tires or Tracks

Available with a fine grade trimmer in various widths and diameters to facilitate simultaneous pouring and trimming, the Easi-Pour 880 Compact is Huron Manufacturing's most versatile and popular slipform paver model. The "Compact" can handle a radius as tight as 2 feet, pour barriers up to 42 inches high, pave widths up to 8 feet, and still be able to pour up to a mile a day. Just like the big-brother Easi-Pour 1000 model, the 880 Compact can be ordered with either large-diameter rubber tires or 12-inch-wide tracks.

Number of models: 4

Product-line features: Powered predominately by John Deere 4045T diesel engines, Easi-Pour 880 Compact slipform pavers use up-front conveyors to deliver concrete to the hopper. The hopper auger feeds concrete into the mouth of the slipform, which helps reduce the concrete pressure that can cause irregular curb and gutter.


Control System for All-Wheel-Drive Unit

With its LBC-24W model, LeeBoy offers contractors a highly maneuverable, compact curb-and-gutter designed to provide productivity in an economical package. Measuring 12 feet in length, 4 feet in height, and 8 feet 6 inches in width when equipped with the mold, the LBC-24W moves efficiently around the jobsite and is easy to transport in and out. Powered by a 44-horsepower Kubota engine, the all-wheel-drive LBC-24W is designed to easily and accurately make curbing on grade or tight turns. The operator can control direction and steering from the front or rear.

Number of models: 1

Product-line features: For accurate curb placement, the LBC-24W is guided by Topcon System V Plus 1 electronic grade and steering control. The receiving hopper's gravity flow and two hydraulic vibrators assist in the delivery of concrete to the mold without augers.


Options Added to Largest Curb Fox

Messinger extended its compact curb-and-gutter product line upward into the 5,000-pound market with the 2005 introduction of the Curb Fox 5000. A new belt conveyor option was added in 2007 to allow the CF5000 to work at different grade levels in relation to the concrete truck. At a length of 6 feet and width of 24 inches, the hydraulically powered conveyor provides the paver with a steady supply of mix within a wide slump range. The Curb Fox 5000 joined the smaller CF3000 introduced in 2000 and the CF2000 introduced in 1996.

Number of models: 3

Product-line features: The Curb Fox 5000's new optional belt conveyor allows the concrete mixer to work to the side of prepared grade, instead of on it. When equipped with the conveyor, the CF5000 is still within legal transport width.


Company Offers Step up from Hand Work

With three model variations, MBW offers slipform pavers at a size and price level that encourages the replacement of hand forming. MBW pavers can pour to a radius of 18 inches in the vertical curb mode and 24 inches in the curb-and-gutter mode. The all-hydraulic pavers can be operated in two-wheel drive on foam-filled tires in curb-only mode and three-wheel drive in the curb-and-gutter mode.

Number of models: 3

Product-line features: From purchase price to transport via a trailer-equipped pick-up truck, the cost savings are described as significant. The crew size can be held to 2 or 3 people.


Big Player Eases into Market

Contractors were in for a pleasant surprise at Terex Roadbuilding's recent King of the Road event. Among the equipment on display was the Terex CMI SF2204B HVW hydraulic-variable-width slipform paver, for which a new curb or curb-and-gutter side kit is available. But also there was the SF2003B, Terex's only "true curb-and-gutter machine." The three-track unit had yet to be formally introduced in North America.

Number of models: Soon-to-be 2

Product-line features: The optional side kit for the SF2204B HVW allows the use of a heavier four-track paver for curb and barrier work. This can counteract the draft coefficient of concrete that can lift lighter curb-and-gutter machines when slipforming walls. 

Lil' Bubba

Features Added to 'Tack-Down' Machines

As part of its Lil' Bubba product line, The Concrete Edge Co. offers four machines that will lay ribbon or "tack-down" curb. In the past 18 months, the manufacturer has added a cable feeder and rebar adapter to allow cable and/or rebar to be extruded into the curb. The Lil' Bubba EP and EPC extruders have a patented "non-bridging" drive mechanism that improves efficiency in this most compact class of curb machines.

Number of models: 4

Product-line features: The Lil' Bubba plunger drive creates a consistent flow of concrete with each revolution. The motion of the plunger scores the concrete as it packs into the mold, preventing the flat spots and weak areas every couple of inches that can cause cracking.

Miller Spreader

Curb-and-Gutter Model Tops Offering

Designed for contractors looking for a cost-effective way to place curb or curb and gutter, the six-wheel MC1050 extends Miller Spreader's compact landscaping and tack-down "Curbilder" product line into the 5,000-pound slipform market. In addition to placing stand-alone curb up to 18 inches high and offset curb and gutter up to 24 inches wide, the MC1050 can also place tack-down curb over pins and place sidewalks up to 48 inches wide. At its weight, the MC1050 can be transported on a twin-axle trailer.

Number of models: 7

Product-line features: A modular frame design allows the MC1050's conveyor to be placed on either side of the machine, which is available with a laser grade control option. Additionally, the form can be located either straddle at a width of 48 inches or offset to the right or left.