Gallery of Aerial-Work Platforms

Sept. 28, 2010

Upright: RT Boom Travels 13 mph

UpRight's AB48 HSRT rough-terrain boom is built on a four-wheel-drive chassis that can travel 13.6 mph. Hydraulic outriggers level the machine on rough terrain. The combination of articulated, telescopic and jib booms extends the working height up to 55 feet 5 inches and stretches horizontal outreach to more than 23 feet. The revived brand also introduced two new trailer booms in the last half of 2006, TL37 and TL49K, with jib, power-rotating platform, and hydraulic outriggers as standard equipment.

Number of models: 37

New models: AB48 HSRT, the TL37 and TL49K

Product-line features: In September, the Tanfield Group, new British owners of UpRight, published a comprehensive machine price list that showed dramatically lowered list prices of almost all UpRight machines. 

Snorkel: Fixed-Axle Lifts with 80- and 85-Foot Booms

Snorkel's TB80FA and TB85JFA are fixed-axle versions of the company's 80- and 85-foot jib-boom products. The TB85JFA reaches 76 feet 8 inches horizontally from an 8 foot-6 inch width, and weighs 38,000 pounds.

Number of models: 24

New models: TB80FA and TB85JFA

Product-line features: Snorkel now offers jib booms that range from 42 to 126 feet. The company markets 15 telescopic booms, seven scissor lifts, and three articulated-boom lifts. 

Niftylift: 4x4 Boom Packs More Power

NiftyLift added a 4x4 version of its popular SP34, 34-foot boom, and introduced a 52-foot model to its line — the SP53 4x4 — last summer. A two-cylinder water-cooled engine boosted the SP34 4x4's horsepower from 9.5 to 12 horses. The NiftyLift drive system employs two flow splitters, front and back, to develop four-wheel drive. The system allows the operator to select series mode for improved speed, as well.

Number of models: 24

New models: SP34 4x4, SP53 4x4, and SP50N

Product-line features: NiftyLift is a British company that produces articulated-boom aerial-work platforms. The company designs lightweight, compact machines; and there are typically no lighter, narrower artic booms in its size classes that deliver morehorizontal outreach. 

Skyjack: Skyjack Submits Hydrostatic RT Drive

Skyjack engaged the competition for compact, rough-terrain scissor lifts with the 26-foot SJ 6826RT and 32-foot SJ 6832RT, abandoning its proven differential drive in favor of what it calls CrossOver Symmetrical four-wheel drive. Like many rough-terrain drives, it divides hydraulic flow between two circuits — one to serve drive motors at the right-front and left-rear wheel, the other to serve the left-front and right-rear wheel. Skyjack claims up to 50-percent theoretical gradability. The new RTs have 60-inch deck extensions and may be driven with them fully extended and at maximum height. The engine tray swings out 90 degrees, hydraulic manifold tilts out, and the wiring system is color coded and numbered consistent with all Skyjacks. Automotive-style relays handle all of the machines' "thinking" — there are no computers onboard.

Number of models: 20

New models: SJ 6826RT, SJ 6832RT, SJ 40T, and SJ 45T

Product-line features: Skyjack has begun to manufacture the SJ 40T and SJ 45 T — 40- and 45-foot telescopic boom lifts that mark the company's re-entry to the boom-lift market. 

Reachmaster: Compact Reaches Up, Over and Down

Standard features allow the ReachMaster Basic DL82N/DL92N Series lifts to pass through single door openings, travel, and set-up on virtually any surface to reach work heights up to 92 feet. An automatic safety system adjusts reach according to basket load. When the actual lift area is confined, ReachMaster's Falcon series has double 10-foot jibs for up-and-over clearance of up to 80 feet, horizontal outreach of 24 feet 10 inches, and flexibility to reach up and over, and then either up or down again. The FS 95 (with 95-foot work height) is capable of passing through an opening 2 feet 7 inches wide and 6 feet 7 inches high.

Number of models: 11

New models: DL72N, DL82N, DL92N, LL46 and LL63

Product-line features: Options include electric power, water or air to the basket, alternative power supply, and battery options. New Hinowa compact booms ride on tracks. 

Genie: Sixty-Foot Boom Lifts 1,250 Pounds

The platform on Genie's new S-60 HC offers a full range of motion while lifting 750 pounds. The model is stable with 1,250 pounds of load extended 40 feet 8 inches horizontally. The S-60 HC's automatic envelope control system monitors weight in the platform to determine maximum outreach of the boom. Genie plans to make the high-capacity boom option available across the entire S Series.

Number of models: More than 60

New models: Z-135/70 and S-60 HC

Product-line features: In most articulating-boom size ranges, Genie models are at the top of either up-and-over clearance or horizontal outreach. Genie offers a variety of work-station options such as built-in 275-amp welders with terminals in the basket; on-board generators and compressors with power outlets and air plumbed to the platform; pipe cradles and plate-glass or panel cradles; and tool trays. 

MLE: Forty-Foot Boom Lifts 3,000 Pounds

Man & Material Lift Engineering says its Quad Lifter telescopic booms can replace telehandlers and small cranes on some projects. The T40MH-3000 is the highest-capacity telescopic boom in the industry at 3,000 pounds. The T60MH-2000 will take 2,000 pounds up to its 60-foot height, or extended 40 feet forward horizontally. The T40MH and T60MH cost 8 to 12 percent more than standard lifts of comparable height, but they are designed to lift materials safely.

Number of models: 6

New models: T40MH-3000 and T60MH2000

Product-line features: Quick-attach hardware allows operators to quickly add a 1,000-pound winch or extendable racks for handling sheet goods, or trade the platform for pallet forks with a one-man basket mounted behind the carriage. The T40MH and T60MH join an 80-foot model rated at 2,500 pounds, and plans are laid for a 100-footer with 2,000 pounds of capacity.

JLG: Vertical Masts Reach from a Small Footprint

JLG acquired the Toucan line of self-propelled, mast-style personnel lifts in its purchase of Manitowoc's Delta Manlift. Models E18MJ and E26MJ reach 18 and 26 feet high and offer 9 feet of horizontal outreach with platform capacities of 500 pounds. Small footprints — overall width of 39 inches — give them access to tight work areas. The E33MJ reaches horizontally 14½ feet and is just 47.2 inches wide. Masts rotate 360 degrees. With 20-percent gradability and shod with non-marking lugged wheels, Toucans are suited for work on improved surfaces.

Number of models: 51

New models: E18MJ, E26MJ, E33MJ and 1230ES

Product-line features: JLG continues to probe niches with machines and options tailored to specific tasks. Workstation-in-the-Sky options include bins and workbenches, generators, welders, glass trays, air compressors and plasma cutters. The second-generation of the 7,500-watt SkyPower — JLG's most popular workstation option — drives the generator with a belt to ease the load on the engine. SkyWelder is upgraded to reflect changes in Miller Electric's CST 280-amp welder. 

LDC: Power Jack Eases Trailer Setup

UniLift 538 articulated-boom and 542KB telescopic-boom aerial-work platforms include a new power jack option to reduce the manual effort required to set the outriggers. The power jack, with a built-in level indicator, can take the weight of the trailer-mounted boom lifts off of the outriggers, allowing for quick and easy setup.

Number of models: 2

Product-line features: The UniLift models reach working heights of up to 42 feet. The battery-powered units have 360-degree effective working range and convert quickly for use as a crane. With unit weights less than 3,000 pounds, UniLifts tow behind a pickup truck. 

MEC: RT Scissors Drive Like Posi Traction

MEC's Quad-Trax drive system for rough-terrain scissor lifts delivers all-wheel traction by managing power to each wheel. Mid-sized MEC RTs have three drive modes — a series mode that routes hydraulic flow to each wheel motor in turn for fast ground speeds. The mid-terrain mode divides oil to two circuits — one supplying the right front and left rear wheel motors, and the other circuit driving the opposite wheels. Quad-Trax mode splits oil flow to supply four circuits — one for each wheel motor individually. Each motor senses load and the system can transfer flow to wheels with the best traction.

Number of models: 9

New models: MEC 2047ES, MEC 2657ES, MEC 3247ES, MEC 3072RT, MEC 3772RT, MEC 2541RT, MEC 3391RT and MEC 4191RT

Product-line features: Quad-Trax has brought about some drive-train component upgrades. While some RT scissors in this size range use RE Series White Wheel motors (rated at 8,000 inch/pounds torsional load), MEC is using White's DT Series motors, which are rated at 24,000 inch/pounds torsional load. 

Haulotte: Booms Reach 130 Feet

Haulotte challenges the United States' domestic skyscrapers with its new telescopic HB135 JRT boom with platform height of 134 feet, and the 129-foot HA130 JRT articulating boomaerial-work platform. Both reach the third-highest platform heights in their respective categories. The articulated boom delivers 63 feet of horizontal outreach, and its up-and-over clearance is more than 58 feet. The HA130 JRT turns in an outside radius of 16 feet 9 inches, about the same space as many 50- or 60-foot booms.

Number of models: 34

New models: HA130 JRT and HB135 JRT

Product-line features: Haulotte also plans to bring several trailer-mounted lifts with platform heights from 46 to 63 feet to North America. The Haulotte DI range is the result of a distribution agreement with Finnish manufacturer Dino Lift.