Must-Have Machines for Your Paving Fleet

Sept. 28, 2010


The Miller Formless M-1000 demonstrates versatility with the ability to pour on either the left or right side. Multiple configurations expand the capabilities of today's curb-and-gutter machines.
Small jobs can be handled efficiently and economically by curb-and-gutter machines. The Curb Fox from Messinger can turn a curb radius of 2 feet.


Average base price of a larger curb-and-gutter machine (15,000 pounds and above). Smaller curb-and-gutter machines, weighing less than 4,000 pounds, range from less than $8,000 up to approximately $45,000.*


Number of curb-and-gutter machine models currently available. Engine power ranges from 18 to 185 horsepower.


Average hourly combined ownership and repair expenses for a larger curb-and-gutter machine. This figure takes into account downtime for transport and setup.*

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  • Gomaco: Plenty of Memory
  • Huron: Trims to a 3-Inch Depth
  • Messinger: Turns Tight Radii
  • Miller Spreader: Handles Many Large Molds
  • Power Curbers: Flexible Crawler Placement
  • Miller Formless: Unaffected by Poor Ground
  • M-B-W: Computer Controlled
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Agrowing range of sizes plus built-in features that add versatility mark today's curb-and-gutter machines. Even small jobs, often the domain of labor-intensive work, can be revved up with ride-on or walk-behind units that now carry some of the programmed controls of larger pavers that greatly reduce the time and manpower usually devoted to this type of work.

And speaking of controls, larger curb-and-gutter machines are now equipped with automated, pre-programmed controls that practically guarantee paving perfection. Add to this the many configurations curb-and-gutter machines can take and you'll see from this overview of what manufacturers are doing that these machines are a must in any paving fleet.

With four curb-and-gutter models, Power Curbers' machines range from the small 3500 to its largest paver, the 8700. Power Curbers' most popular machine, the 5700-B, can pour curb and gutter in a 3-foot radius and stand-up curb in a 2-foot radius. In addition, the machine can pour sidewalk up to 6 feet wide in the offset mode, plus monolithic curb, gutter and sidewalk. Also in the offset position, it can slipform barrier and parapet up to 48 inches high. In the center position, the 5700-B can handle paths and sidewalks up to 8 feet wide. Some of the other features of the 5700-B include a 25-inch vertical hydraulic trimmer adjustment, allowing it to be raised over obstacles, and an optional carbide tooth trimmer cuts through very hard material.

The Power Curber 8700 can be configured in a three-track offset mode or four-track straddle mode. In the latter mode, the legs can be adjusted hydraulically, giving the machine the capability of paving up to 16 feet wide. In the offset configuration, the 8700 can pour curb and gutter and turn an 8-foot radius. The unit can pave on either the right or left side. Microprocessor controls simplify changing applications and monitor concrete yields for greater accuracy.

Emphasizing the latest in computerized control, Gomaco has installed its slope/compensation system on several of its Commander III and GT-3600 curb-and-gutter machines. The automatic grade/slope transition system controls the transition from a catch to a spill curb or vice versa. The transition is computer controlled and is made on-the-go as the paver follows the path of the stringline. Distance is measured by a wheel mounted on the right track of the paver, with no manual adjustments needed. The transition is programmed into the computer, which automatically makes the move in elevation and alignment in the curb. The slope/compensation system is compatible with the Gomaco controller and new G21 controller.

The G21 digital operating system comprises a number of control features and provides additional room for future expansion. Some of its capabilities include advanced system diagnostics that automatically pinpoint and identify open electrical circuits, shorts and fault codes to aid in troubleshooting. The system can interface with stringless technology/3-D control systems and laser technology. It also provides a push-button steering setup and trainable track steering when interfaced with Gomaco's "smart" cylinders (the operator can set a desired degree of leg rotation so that the tracks do not strike any object in minimum or zero clearance requirements).

Laptop computer systems can be connected for software updates, data monitoring and future data-logging capabilities. A universal, multi-lingual pictogram switch panel provides and easy understanding of all functions.

Multi-functional machine

With its signature M-1000 curb-and-gutter machine, Miller Formless has managed to parlay one machine into a multi-functional paver. In addition to the standard features offered, Miller Formless will custom tailor the machine to meet specific customer needs. Although it's a four-track machine, the company still touts its compactness and tight-radius capabilities, which can be as tight as 2 feet. The secret is the control system. When approaching the radius, the operator flips a switch and the control system takes over.

Other features include right or left hand pour capability, five-point suspension for better stability and control, and both front and rear track steer. With offset pour configuration, the M-1000 can slipform sidewalk or paths up to 5 feet wide. It also is equipped with a trimmer for simultaneous trim and pour. The trimmer can be fitted with either steel or carbide teeth.

Miller Spreader makes the case that its MC 1050 curb-and-gutter machine is aimed at the gap between the large curb-and-gutter machines and the smaller ones. Finding the middle road, says Miller Spreader, requires a highly versatile machine, and it says it has one. The MC 1050 has an operating weight of 3,700 pounds and is stable enough to handle many larger molds. At the same time, it's compact enough to be easily transported. Powered by a 28-hp Kubota diesel engine coupled to an Eaton load-sensing hydrostatic pump, the unit has a travel speed of 90 feet per minute and a curbing speed of up to 25 feet per minute.

Features include power steering, dual control stations, a three-point hydraulic undercarriage with horizontal adjustment to accommodate a variety of forms and job conditions. The MC 1050 also is available with a full range of automatic controls.

Five curb-and-gutter machines from Huron Manufacturing range in size from the Easi-Pour 1000¡ªa four-track machine with a 185-hp engine¡ªto the small walk-behind Easi-Pour 570. Newest among the machines is the Easi-Pour Compact 880, a low-profile unit that gives the operator a 360-degree unrestricted view. Available in either a track or rubber-tired version, the 880 can pour barriers to 42 inches high and widths to 8 feet. An optional offset radius package allows for tight turns.

Smaller machines for small jobs

Several smaller curb-and-gutter machines are on the market, most being available from the same companies that make the larger pavers. If jobs are on the small side, these machines can provide the benefits of easy transport and an economical price. Gomaco offers the Curb Cadet, a walk-behind machine that will slipform concrete curb or extrude asphalt or concrete curb. Slipform mold configurations fit within a 12-inch-wide by 14-inch-high section.

Power Curbers' smallest curb-and-gutter machine, the 3500, rides on a front crawler and two foam-filled rear tires. It can turn a radius as tight as 25 inches and can slipform either free-standing or adjacent to the pavement. Weighing 6,600 pounds, the 3500 has an electrical-over-hydraulic servo controlled pump that is controlled by a joystick.

The Easi-Pour 570 from Huron is powered by an 18-hp engine and has telescoping adjustable wheel assemblies located at the front and rear. The offset curb extrusion permits placing of the machine at the extreme edge of the pavement, either side of the machine, or along any obstacle.

Two companies that manufacture only smaller machines are Messinger and M-B-W. Messinger offers the Curb Fox 2000 and Curb Fox 3000. Both are walk-behind models. The 2000 has manual controls for the elevation cylinders and steered using a handle. Automatic control of steering, elevation and slope are optional. The larger 3000 has proportional electronic-over-hydraulic sensors for steering, front and rear elevation and slope. It can pave curb and gutter up to 33 inches wide and curb up to 18 inches high.

The M-B-W machine can slipform small curbs and gutters on dirt or concrete, and can work on a flat area or inclines. The machine is computer controlled and can be operated by one person. Two models are available. The smaller C101 pours curb only, with the larger CG200 being able to pour both curb and gutter.

Basic Specifications Company/Model HP Weight (lbs.) Height Width Length Specifications shown here are based on the Construction Equipment Specifications Guide and manufacturer literature and are given here for comparison only. Specifications are subject to change and manufacturers or their distributors should be contacted for the most current information. Gomaco           Curb Cadet 24 2,650 3¡ä2¡å 3¡ä2¡å 7¡ä6¡å GT-3200 92 15,000 7¡ä5.4¡å 8¡ä5.9¡å 19¡ä6.2¡å GT-3300 92 23,000 8¡ä11.8¡å 8¡ä2.5¡å 27¡ä9.2¡å GT-3600 92 21,000 8¡ä 8¡ä2.5¡å 16¡ä2¡å Commander III 169 28,000 8¡ä7¡å 8¡ä6¡å 21¡ä7.5¡å Huron Easi-Pour 570 18 1,090 n/a n/a n/a Easi-Pour 650B 80 9,900 n/a n/a n/a Easi-Pour 880 118 21,000 6¡ä8¡å 8¡ä 23¡ä4¡å Easi-Pour 1000 185 27,500 8¡ä 8¡ä6¡å 22¡ä6¡å M-B-W C101 26.5 2,725 3¡ä6¡å 5¡ä3¡å 9¡ä4¡å CG200 26.5 3,395 3¡ä6¡å 7¡ä5¡å 9¡ä4¡å Messinger Curb Fox 2000 18 2,000 4¡ä7¡å 5¡ä 8¡ä4¡å Curb Fox 3000 25 3,000 5¡ä5¡å 5¡ä5¡å 10¡ä Miller Formless M-1000 130 18,800 9¡ä 8¡ä6¡å 15¡ä3¡å Miller Spreader MC 1050 28 3,700 5¡ä8¡å 4¡ä4¡å 11¡ä6¡å Power Curbers PC 3500 27 6,600 5¡ä10¡å 6¡ä7¡å 10¡ä10¡å PC 5500-B 76 14,725 7¡ä2¡å 8¡ä6¡å 17¡ä4¡å PC 5700-B 84.5 23,850 8¡ä6¡å 8¡ä6¡å 17¡ä6¡å PC 8700 160 25,000 9¡ä 8¡ä 22¡ä8¡å
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Power Curbers - *Source: "Contractors' Equipment Cost Guide," published by Equipment Watch; telephone 800/669-3282.