Buying File Gallery: Asphalt Pavers

Sept. 28, 2010

Vögele America

New Screeds, New Names, New Look

Vögele America has reintroduced its five pavers with new model nomenclature and paint (although no machines with the new look were available at press time for photographs). Among the wheeled machines, the 2111W will replace the 780 WB, the 2116W replaces the 880 WB, and the 2219W replaces the 1110 WB. Rubber-tracked units: the 2116T replaces the 880 RTB and 2219T for the 1110 RTB. It is not just a cosmetic overhaul, as Vögele America is manufacturing four new screeds—the HR500E and HR500D, electric- and diesel-heated versions of a 10-foot main screed with hydraulically telescoping rear-mount extensions; and the HF400E and HR400D, electric- and diesel-heated versions of an 8-foot main screed with telescoping front-mount extensions. Larger reinforcing cables are being used in the rubber track bands, which Vögele America says increases band strength by 50 percent. And the track frame was bolstered to improve rigidity, longevity and alignment. All pavers are designed and built in Chambersburg, Pa., and all come with Cummins power.

27,120 to 45,589 pounds: 6 models

New screeds: HR500E, HR500D, HF400E, and HR400D,


Power for Paving 13 Feet Wide

Model 560's 37-hp diesel makes it the most powerful paver under 9,000 pounds capable of paving 13 feet wide. Puckett's two small pavers are gravity-fed, and they employ dual hopper-lift cylinders for high lift and good stability. Sprocket drive and automatic track tensioning are standard features. Screeds are heated by engine exhaust, but each model offers optional propane heat.

7,000 to 8,250 pounds: 2 models

Terex Roadbuilding

Paving's Heavy Haulers

The Cedarapids 300, 400 and 500 Series pavers from Terex Roadbuilding are available in rubber tire, rubber track or steel track designs. Hoppers in the 500-Series machines are rated to handle 16.7 tons of material, and hopper inserts raise their carrying capacity to 25 tons. Throughout the line, the patented Frame Raise feature can be employed to help maintain a uniform head of material at the screed and to lift the screed over obstacles. The 400 and 500 Series offers a Remix option that replaces the slat-chain conveyors in the hopper with twin augers, which re-blend the asphalt as they move it back to the screed. Terex Roadbuilding is preparing to introduce a new machine that adapts its Remix augers to a material-transfer vehicle with an operating weight of less than 50,000 pounds. The new machine can trade its rear conveyor for a screed to transform the MTV into a paver.

28,760 to 42,915 pounds: 13 models


More Power, Diesel and Electric, on Wheels

Cat's 3054C turbocharged diesel, rated at 130 horsepower, boosted the AP-800D's power 21 percent, and an optional single-phase generator system delivers 8 kilowatts of power to the auxiliary power panel. The transverse-mounted engine draws cooling air from the side of the machine rather than over the hot asphalt in the hopper. The optional tractor-mounted generator operates at 1,800 rpm, and will power an electrically heated screed. The auxiliary power panel provides four 120-volt and two 240-volt receptacles. The new 40,800-pound AP-655C looks much like the new AP-1000B (and the Barber-Greene BG-260C), but it is mounted on Cat's rubber Mobil-tracs. The Mobil-trac undercarriage distinguishes the AP-655C as the only model in the Cat line that does not have a matching Barber-Greene counterpart.


32,765 to 43,860 pounds: 7 models

New models: AP-800D and AP-655C


32,765 to 43,500 pounds: 6 models

New models: BG-230D 


Rubber Tracks Added to Line

Dynapac introduced its first rubber-tracked machines, the F30CR and F25CR, late in 2003. Electric screed heat is now standard throughout the Dynapac paver line. The line's fume-recovery system draws from the back of the conveyor tunnel, so as not to obstruct the operator's view of the head of material.

36,162 to 41,674 pounds: 6 models

New models: F30CR and F25CR

Bomag Americas

Big Capacity in Small Pavers

The ProPaver 4420's load-sensing hydraulics save fuel by delivering power only as needed, and Bomag says the 56-hp Isuzu diesel and hydrostatic track drive are powerful enough to push asphalt trucks and maintain paving speeds of up to 160 feet per minute. The 12,000-pound 4420's hopper will carry 7.5 tons of material, which is second only to Bitelli for capacity in a machine weighing less than 15,000 pounds. The other paver in Bomag's ProPaver 4400 Series, the 4410, is identical in specifications except hydraulic controls are used in place of the 4420's electronic-over-hydraulic control systems. The Isuzu diesels in all ProPavers deliver the most horsepower in each machine's size class.

10,000 to 13,500 pounds: 5 models

New models: 3300 Series and 4400 Series

Ingersoll Rand

New Name in Commercial Pavers

Big paving news in Ingersoll Rand's Road Development group—which includes the Blaw-Knox and ABG Titan brands—is that Ingersoll Rand is asserting its own name in the commercial paver market (machines under 19,000

Big paving news in Ingersoll-Rand's Road Development group—which includes the Blaw-Knox and ABG Titan brands—is that Ingersoll-Rand is asserting its own name in the commercial paver market (machines under 19,000 pounds). The Blaw-Knox PF-545 and PF-840 have been rebranded in white as Ingersoll-Rand machines, even though the Blaw-Knox name appears small. The new 3020 and 3120 commercial pavers extend the Ingersoll-Rand line, with BK subscript, to a total of four track-mounted models ranging from 7,200 to 15,800 pounds. The Ingersoll-Rand 3120 packs an 87-hp Kubota diesel, the most powerful engine in the commercial class. Vertical Tow-Point Adjustment allows fine-tuning of mat depth without affecting the distance between screed and augers. One commercial paver is still marketed primarily under the Blaw-Knox brand—a wheeled machine, the 15,290-pound PF-150.

7,200 to 15,800 pounds: 4 models

New models: 3020 and 3120

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IR ABG & IR BLAW-KNOX: Ingersoll-Rand introduced the German-designed ABG Titan 3870 and 326 to North America, and will show the Titan 8820 paver to the public for the first time at Conexpo-Con/Agg 2005 next month. The only paver on the market bigger than the tracked 326 and 8820—which tip the scales at 46,600 pounds and 53,000 pounds, respectively—is another ABG. The 326 will lay mat 32 feet 10 inches wide, and the 8820 stretches to 42 feet 8 inches. A development significant to both the ABG and Blaw-Knox brands is Ingersoll-Rand's addition of an electrically heated version of the Omni III screed, which had been exclusively diesel-heated before. The track system is improved with dual oscillating bogies that allow the track to flex while maximizing surface contact, which provides improved traction, ride and wear life.


21,498 to 62,798 pounds: 9 models

New models: Titan 3870, 326, and 8820

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15,290 pounds: 1 model

20,400 to 36,950 pounds: 7 models

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Power to Pave Paths in Tight Quarters

Salsco claims its Mini-Asphalt Paver, powered by a 13-hp Honda engine and hydrostatic ground drive, can pave more than a mile of 6-foot-wide walk in a day. The floating screed compensates for variations in ground contour and can pave crowns or inverts. It adjusts to pave as narrow as 36 inches. The Mini Paver's 54-inch width and 6-foot turning radius make it easy to pave paths in tight quarters.

1,040 pounds: 1 model

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Improved Visibility and Durability

The RP-190 wheeled paver and RP-195 on rubber tracks comprise a new line of 10-foot pavers from Astec's Roadtec division. The Clearview FXS fume-extraction system that is standard equipment is designed to allow the operator to see the augers. Even with lower deck height, Roadtec claims the driver's view to the hopper is improved as well. Radiator size is increased for greater cooling capacity. Roadtec frames have a 2-inch-thick front cross member and 3/4-inch continuous side sheets with cross bracing for what the company claims to be the most durable frame in the industry.

30,010 to 43,000 pounds: 5 models

New models: RP-190 and RP-195

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Reaching Beyond 19,000 Pounds

The 25,000-pound 8816 is LeeBoy's first entry into the heavy paver market. With screed widths variable up to 16 feet, it fits what LeeBoy says is "the niche for a heavy-duty commercial production paver at a price point that makes it an economical choice." The 8515—an extension of the LeeBoy 8500 paver—is also new to the line. The 15,800-pound machine carries some of the 8816's heavy-duty features, including similar undercarriage and rubber tracks, radius-cut hopper wings, 12-inch augers, and heavier screed with dual vibratory units. It also offers dual operator controls and high-deck/low-deck configuration. LeeBoy uses Hatz diesels on all of its commercial pavers (under 19,000 pounds) and the 8816 gets a 130-hp Cummins.

10,000 to 15,900 pounds: 6 models

25,000 pounds: 1 model

New models: 8515 and 8816

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Marini America

Load Control Prevents Screed Settling

Italian-built Marini pavers come to North America with something to offer in all major categories—one wheeled and one tracked commercial paver, four track-mounted road machines, plus two on wheels, in weights ranging from 30,400 to 44,750 pounds. Paving widths stretch to more than 41 feet. A patented sliding operator's station extends over the paver's side to improve the view to the end of the screed. The 8-foot HS500 vibratory/tamper-bar screed extends to more than 16 feet. It's available with electric or gas heating. Marini claims its Load Control System transfers weight from the screed to the tractor when the machine stops to prevent the screeds from sinking into the mat.

10,207 to 15,983 pounds: 2 models

30,424 to 44,754: 6 models

New models: MF 221, MF 331, MF 571, MF 704, MF 691, MF 1007, MF 904-MF905, MF 1005

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13 Feet of Paving Reach Transports Easily

Gehl Co.'s 9,600-pound 1648 Power Box paver, with an 8½-foot transport width, is compact enough to load on a trailer along with a roller. Two extendable screed options stretch the 41-hp steel-tracked machine to paving widths from 8 to 13 feet. A single crown/invert lever adjusts the floating vibratory screed up to 3 inches. Independent, hydraulically operated augers can be placed on the material flow gate or the screed extension. Dual-speed hydrostatic ground drive gives the operator infinite control of steering and speed up to 132 feet per minute.

7,800 to 9,815 pounds: 2 models

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Challenging the Biggest Commercial Competitors

The specifications of Mauldin's 15,700-pound 1750-C challenge all comers at the top end of the commercial-paver niche. With an 80-hp Deere diesel and capable of paving up to 16 feet wide, the 1750-C is surpassed in power and paving reach only by Ingersoll-Rand's new 3120. Its 7.5-ton hopper is, however, slightly smaller than the IR competitor, and the very closely matched LeeBoy 8515. For each of the three smaller tracked pavers—the 550E, 690F, and 1500—there is a wheeled counterpart, which weighs about 500 pounds less.

7,800 to 15,700 pounds: 4 models

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