Buying File Gallery: Off-Road Haulers

Sept. 28, 2010

Liebherr: Two Rear Axles

Liebherr diesel electric haulers range in capacity from 190 to 400 tons and are either DC or AC drive, depending on the model. The TI 272 has a 2,700-hp engine and AC induction wheel motors. The hauler has two individual rear axles and features a truck frame that does not have to support much of the payload and a wider body with the pivot bearings much further apart, resulting in a considerably lighter truck. Weighing 334,000 pounds, the hauler will carry a payload of 320 tons. Each individual axle oscillates around its own suspension pivot.

Number of models: 4. Noteworthy features: Commonality among all Liebherr models, mainframes utilize A710 high-strength steel, load management design, front suspension and steering system enhance stability and reduce tire wear.

Terex: Transmission With Retarder

Six mechanical-drive haulers from Terex range in capacities from 35 to 100 tons. The smallest of the units, the TR35, is powered by a 319-hp engine teamed with an automatic transmission that is remotely mounted in the frame. It has an integral torque converter and hydraulic retarder. The front suspension consists of a Terex-manufactured king-pin strut and independent front-wheel suspension. Larger mining haulers are produced by Terex's Unit Rig division.

Number of models: 6. Noteworthy features: High-visibility from cab, rugged construction, smooth-shifting electronic transmission.

Caterpillar: Electronically Controlled Engine

The new Caterpillar 773E, with a nominal payload of 60 tons, has more power and greater productivity than the model it replaces. The 710-hp Cat 3412E engine represents an increase of 4.1 percent. Engine and mechanical drive train are electronically controlled, and components are electronically linked for integrated operation. Either a flat floor or dual-slope body is offered, and the flat floor can be equipped with a liner. To speed maintenance, the hauler features Cat's new QuickEvac on-board system that performs automated engine oil changes and pre-lubrication of the engine before cranking.

Number of models: 9. New models: 773E, 775E, 797B. Noteworthy features: Full line of mechanical-drive haulers, Cat Integrated Power Train, controlled throttle shift, neutral coast inhibitor, directional management and programmable top-gear selection, forced-oil-cooled multiple disc brakes.

Komatsu: Shift Shock Eliminated

The new Komatsu America HD605-7 quarry version hauler with a 69-ton capacity has a 17-percent larger body than the 61-ton HD465-7, yet retains the speed and maneuverability of the smaller hauler. The high-performance drive train features all-electronic controlled K-Atomics seven-speed planetary transmission and a hydraulic system designed for power and control. The transmission's electronic control system eliminates shift shock and torque cut-off to improve operator and engine efficiency. The system automatically selects the optimum gear.

Number of models: 12. New models: HM300-1, HM350-1, HM400-1, HD465-7, HD605-7. Noteworthy features: Spacious, quiet cabs with electric windows, full hydraulically actuated brake system, Komatsu designed engines, K-Atomics transmission.

Rimpull: Tilt-Up Electrical Console

Rimpull's Century III fully upholstered cab is acoustically tuned to meet a 76 dB(A) noise level. The cab features two full access doors and deluxe operator's seat. The tilt-up, fully enclosed electrical console mounts the ATEC system, electrical fuses and other electrical controls; plus it provides built-in space for a lunch box, trash container, operator's handbook and clipboard. The box beam main frame is fabricated using 80,000-psi high-nickel alloy steel top and bottom flanges. The rigid frame design incorporates five torque tubes, a frame stabilizer/superstructure support and integral front bumper.

Number of models: 3. Noteworthy features: Mechanical drive haulers are easily maintained.

Hitachi: Stabilized Ride

With a 98.9-ton payload, the Hitachi EH 1600 has a front suspension system with an independent trailing arm for each front wheel. Neocon struts containing energy-absorbing gas and environmentally friendly compressible Neocon-E fluid are mounted between the trailing arm and frame. The cast rear-axle housing has a parallel link mounting with an A-frame top member. This provides a reduced "roll-steer" effect that results in a more stabilized ride. The Command Cab III features integral ROPS/FOPS and double wall construction for structural integrity. Foam rubber lining material, foam-rubber-backed carpeting and a multiple layered floor mat absorb sound and control interior temperature.

Number of models: 14. Noteworthy features: Durable frame resists bending and tortional loads, excellent service access, comfortable cab.

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