Event Recordings Lead to Coaching Opportunities

September 16, 2020
Table of behaviors.

Lytx MV+AI-powered DriveCam Event Recorders processed more than 15 million driving events this summer. The company says it coached its clients for 3 million risky driving events as a result.

The video recorders allow Lytx to capture data on a daily basis—more than 160,000 each day—giving drivers and fleets information to help improve safety and productivity. This results in drivers taking greater accountability over improving their safety and compliance, while immediately reducing risk, the company says.

For events that require additional coaching or drivers who may require further attention, Lytx offers a prescriptive coaching solution for driver self-coaching, engaging with their managers remotely, or reviewing events together in person.

Of 3 million events coached this summer, five behaviors were the most prevalent, with driver unbelted and unsafe following distance together accounting for 54 percent of the top five. (See table at top.)

“Seatbelt use continues to stand out as both a top behavior fleets are actively looking to address and one that drivers continue to struggle with, despite the inherent dangers and risk of policy violations and citations,” said Del Lisk, VP of safety services, in a statement. “Drivers cited for not wearing a seatbelt are 3.4 percent more likely to get into a collision, and remains a priority for nearly every driver and fleet. Because of this, seatbelt use is one of eight behaviors we proactively issue in-cab alerts for, helping drivers to self-correct in real-time.”

With each new video clip reviewed and processed, Lytx says its AI algorithms become more nuanced and accurate in identifying high-risk driving behaviors in real time, enabling a safer and more productive future for fleets and drivers alike.

“This powerful combination of real-time alerts and escalation options for hands-on coaching via our best-in-class Driver Safety Program creates a positive experience that makes it fast and easy for drivers to improve their own performance, while giving management the data-driven reports they need to monitor progress and intervene if needed,” said Brandon Nixon, chairman/CEO, in a prepared statement.

“For more than 20 years, we’ve been designing our products and services to offer the best and most flexible video solutions available to fleet and drivers, whether they’re seeking in-cab risk alerting for driver self-correction or our full driver coaching workflow for manager escalation. We’re proud to use video for good as a way to empower thousands of fleets and millions of drivers so that no commercial driver is ever the cause of a collision.”

Source: Lytx