Ernest Stephens

April 21, 2017
Superior Construction

Stephens manages a $60 million fleet of equipment and approves all financial decisions with regards to equipment life cycle.

“Though he has only been here a short time, people throughout the company already look to him for answers and treat him like he was a lifer,” says Tim Johnson, COO. “He didn’t come in telling everyone how to better manage equipment; he showed them how to better manage equipment.”

Education: Bradley University

Professional accomplishments: I’m most proud of the team I have been able to build. In the first year, we were able to create an Equipment Policy that established common policies and procedures, implement a PM program and work-order system, standardize project equipment schedules, develop operating and capital-expenditure budgets for the department, and maximize our buying power as a company with various corporate accounts. One of my major goals since getting the chance to develop my own equipment department has been to ensure that everyone in the company viewed us as part of the team, rather than as an adversary. Communication is the key as well as keeping ourselves accessible to everyone in the company.

Extracurricular: Frankfort (Ill.) Park District, Habitat for Humanity, Christmas in April, Peewee Head Soccer Coach

Favorite book: Any of the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child.

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