Ajax Paving customizes B2W Maintain

Aug. 1, 2023
Fleet manager Dan Maitland, CEM, explains

Ajax Paving already was using B2W when its fleet manager, Dan Maitland, CEM, saw opportunity to improve maintenance operations with the Maintain module. The company wanted to correlate mechanic hours to work orders and better track repairs for the fleet, he says.

“That journey led us to B2W Maintain, and our vision expanded as we saw the potential of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS),” he says. “We’ve moved from reactive to proactive, improved equipment reliability and cut our maintenance costs.

“We have fully demonstrated the power and capabilities of B2W Maintain,” says Maitland. The software automates the notifications for preventive maintenance, so work is done at proper intervals.Maitland says the Maintain module allowed the fleet to expand management capabilities without purchasing additional software.

“We needed more,” Maitland says. “We wanted more dashboards than what Maintain provided. The good thing about B2W is you can work with their development team, and they can develop what you want.”