Continental 19.5-inch Tires for Navistar

Aug. 23, 2022

Continental has partnered with Navistar to design a new lineup of 19.5-inch tires for regional on/off-road use.

Continental says it is the first to launch these tires in Load Range H for extra load carrying capacity, and with the highest speed rating in the market. The HSR+ regional steer/all-position and HDR+ regional on/off-road drive tires are both available in Load Range H, delivering an extra 220 pounds of load carrying capacity per tire in single and dual applications. For a dual drive pickup truck, or “dually,” such as the Silverado 5500, this equates to an extra 880 pounds per load of carrying capacity. The tires are OE standard position on all GM Silverado 5500 and 6500 vehicles and International CV Series vehicles from Navistar.

The HSR+ regional steer/all-position features a 16/32-inch tread depth with a closed shoulder tread design, delivering even wear and reduced road noise for driver comfort. The improved tread compound is resistant to tearing, delivering 12 percent more miles to removal versus the HSR in curbing tests.