Sidewall Protector Reduces Risk of OTR Tire Damage

Feb. 8, 2019

Argonics has developed a sidewall protector for wheel loader tires. The sidewall protector uses a proprietary urethane formulation, Kryptane, which was engineered for extreme conditions in applications involving abrasion, sliding, or impact, the company says.

According to Argonics, the special elastic material in the sidewall protector “excels in preventing penetration of sharp objects, as well as in deflecting sharp objects.” The protector is designed to change shape under impact, then return to its original shape. Urethane also offers maximum abrasion resistance, says Argonics, “which is ideal for situations where severe wear is a problem.” 

“The sidewall protector comprises eight integrated segments that, together with a specially designed ring, use 32 bolts to apply to a wheel,” says Argonics. “The entire sidewall protector can be installed in about 15 minutes, once the special flange has been installed by certified personnel. The benefit of this design is that it allows easy replacement of just the segment of the protector that is damaged, not the entire shield. Virtually no maintenance is needed other than to re-torque the bolts after 15-20 hours of use.” 

According to Bob Welker, director of marketing, the patent-pending urethane sidewall protector is in its fourth generation. Currently, he says, the design is based on a 25-inch wheel diameter, but the company is planning sidewall protectors for 33-inch and 45-inch wheel diameters.