Basic Rules for Tire Users

Aug. 15, 2019

Michael Dembe, product management director, North America, for Camso’s construction business unit, has a few “golden rules” for OTR-tire users.

Right dealer:

“A reliable, trusted local dealer can be the equipment owner’s best ally. The right dealer can assist tire users in performing a site evaluation, selecting proper tires, setting up regular maintenance intervals, and can be an invaluable resource for troubleshooting—whenever required.”

Right pressure:

“Proper air pressure is the most influential factor for tire performance and longevity. We can get pretty granular about correct pressure, but as a starting point, consider the make and model of the machine, empty/maximum loading, surface conditions, operating speeds, and duty cycles. From there, application-specific pressures can be fine-tuned with help from the tire manufacturer and dealer. Keep in mind that the optimum pressure for a tire might vary with its position, for example, a loader’s front tires and an articulated dump truck’s rear tires might require higher pressures than for other axles.”

Right rotation:

“Tire rotation is essential for extended tire life. On a wheel loader, for example, front tires will get most of the wear, because they’re often exposed to the most damaging ground conditions and bear most of the machine’s weight. Even on a skid steer, you want all the tires to wear down together and be replaced at the same time.”