Aquajet Revojet high-pressure pump

Oct. 27, 2023
The trailer unit weighs 7,716 pounds

The Revojet 270 high-pressure washer from Aquajet features a standard configuration of 40,610 psi and 10.6 gpm. For operations requiring more power, two Revojets can be parallel operated to increase pump power from 270 to 540 horsepower. 

The trailer unit weighs 7,716 pounds, making it light enough to be towed with a pickup or large SUV. 

The presser washer features closed-loop pressure control or RPM control and smart pressure regulating that finds the set pressure from the idle or auto-stop state, according to the company. The Revojet also has a mode that flushes the hoses without any nozzle mounted, along with RPM hold delay for hand lancing that minimizes delay when the high-pressure trigger is activated. 

The Revojet’s built-in capabilities include monitoring the battery level and shutting down when critical to avoid discharging them completely. The main power is also automatically kept on until the engine finishes its shutdown process.  

A remote comes standard with the Revojet, allowing operators can leave the remote in place on the unit or detach the remote and control the pressure washer up to 984 feet away with extension cables. In addition to the standard radio remote control, the Revo system is compatible with most remotes and high-pressure tools on the market.

When servicing the Revojet, workers can turn off the pump and remove the ignition key, disabling all system functions except for the work lights to increase user safety. The flashing status light also relays information and warnings by changing flash frequency and color.