Vanair PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck Power System

April 18, 2024
System includes six forms of chassis-mounted power.

The Vanair PTO Shaft-Driven Underdeck All-in-One Power System offers six forms of power in one unit integrated beneath a variety of vehicle chassis.

The forms of power include a 125- to 185-cfm rotary screw air compressor, a 10 kW generator, 330 A welder, 12V/24V battery boosting capabilities, and up to 30 gpm at 2000 psi of hydraulic-driven power.

The system also uses Vanair’s new Sansgear belt drive, for the hydraulic system, which is quieter, and provides more torque than traditional gear-box designs.

A FailSafe Dual Sensory Redundancy System is also a standard feature. This system guarantees an uninterrupted power supply by switching to the backup unit in the event of a thermistor or transducer sensor failure, according to the company.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

  • 125-185 cfm at up to 150 psi.
  • Oil capacity initial fill: 2.5 gal.


  • 7-8 v Strike Voltage.
  • Weld Voltage: 28V.
  • 330A peak output current range.
  • 70% duty cycle.


  • 10kW peak output.
  • 120 or 120/240V, 60Hz.
  • 3600 rpm speed.

Battery Boost/Charge

  • 330A peak.
  • 12/24V boost/charge.
  • Optional 36V and 48V.


  • Up to 30 gpm at 2000 psi.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Lightweight.