ContiConnect 2.0 for earthmover tires

May 9, 2023
Upgraded tire-management solution includes monitoring of additional data

Continental Tire has expanded its functionalities for ContiConnect 2.0. The upgraded ContiConnect 2.0 tire-management solution includes monitoring of additional data, such as tread depth and tire condition. The new sensor and updated on-site app will maintain full fleet control at any time in any place.

The update enables every tire to be tracked individually, whether it is on the vehicle or in the storage. Each tire has a digital twin in the system complete with article number, meaning that equipment managers always know which tire is fitted on which vehicle and in which position.

The newly developed On-Site App brings ContiConnect 2.0 straight to the user’s smartphone too. This is thanks to the new generation of sensors, whose Bluetooth capability enables direct data transfer from the sensor to the app. The newly developed second-generation ContiConnect sensor saves time by reading out sensor data (i.e. tire temperature and pressure) digitally via Bluetooth and immediately transmitting it to the ContiConnect IoT platform. The charge level of the sensor battery is likewise indicated in the system. The task of inspecting tires to track tread depth and tire conditions can therefore be carried out directly at the vehicle.

All Radial Earthmover Tires will be mounted with the new generation sensor, ready to connect with ContiConnect 2.0.

Source: Continental Tires