Smart Vest Keeps Workers Comfortable: Carhartt

Feb. 1, 2023
Carhartt X-1 Smart Heated Vest uses personalized thermo-regulation to maintain ideal temperature.

The X-1 Smart Heated Vest uses personalized thermo-regulation to maintain ideal temperature, according to Carhartt, responding to real-time temperatures, activity level, and changing conditions. It is designed to eliminate the layering of clothes while on the job, as well as overheating in cold-weather gear.

“Mother nature presents all sorts of challenges, and this cutting-edge technology will enable users to manage their body heat and enjoy optimal comfort in cold conditions,” said Alex Guerrero, SVP, general manager of global product, in a statement. “Our new heated vest offers a personalized experience and functions as a reactionary approach to body heat that enables users to get the job done regardless of the environment or climate."

The vest has three heat zones across vital sections of the torso, according to the company, and the wearable technology:

  • Monitors temperature in real-time
  • Analyzes the wearer’s profile, environment, and activity
  • Activates heat automatically and safely
  • Regulates warmth to reach optimal comfort
  • Reduces bulk by eliminating the hassle of adding and removing layers

Powered by clim8 intelligent thermal technology, the AI-based heated vest includes intelligent heating modes that detect when to start/stop heating, an auto on/off wearing interface that detects when the vest is put on or taken off, and a smart battery system that optimizes usage to ensure longevity.

The clim8 smartphone app pairs the vest via Bluetooth and calibrates it to personalized comfort settings. The technology will automatically provide heating when it is needed to ensure the body remains at a comfortable temperature, according to the company.