Alcoa Wheels Aluminum Wheel Covers

May 11, 2022

Covers for steer- and drive-axle forged aluminum wheels are available from Alcoa Wheels, which the maker says are part of an Aerodynamic Solutions product line.

The covers provide a smooth appearance and save fuel by pushing air away from tire/wheel assemblies and the entire vehicle, thus reducing aerodynamic drag. The wheels are durable, easy to install and allow for easy wheel-end inspections, the company said. Steer-axle covers come in chrome and black finishes. They were designed with the aid of fluid dynamics and have proven to save up to 0.35 gallon of fuel per 1,000 miles, according to the company. A proprietary flange mounted design ensures consistent offset position, which secures reliable aerodynamic benefits. Initial installation of a drive-axle wheel cover takes about four minutes using a durable and easy-to-work-with retention system.