SKF Mityvac Fluid Evacuators/Dispensers

Jan. 21, 2022

SKF’s Mityvac has developed a line of multi-use fluid evacuators/dispensers that service a wide range of vehicle systems.

The MV7100 series uses compressed air to eliminate the mess when extracting or dispensing fluids from a central reservoir. Models in the range are compatible with oil, coolant, ATF and most common automotive fluids and deliver quick and efficient operation, the company says. Though developed for use in vehicle service and heavy-duty trucking, the tools are also suitable for agricultural, marine, industrial, and small engine repair services. The MV7100 series includes a vacuum brake bleed kit, ATF refill kit, and a pressure brake bleed kit. Fluid evacuators/dispensers are available in complete kits with adapters, plus four different reservoir sizes: 0.7, 1.2, 2.6, and 5.3 gallons.