Lincoln 1154 Dual-piston Grease Gun

Jan. 14, 2022

The Lincoln 1154 dual-piston grease gun switches between high-pressure and high-volume delivery, making it efficient for a variety of jobs, including those with large lubrication requirements, high tolerance lube points, or clogged fittings.

The grease gun has a thumb-operated switch that allows technicians to adjust the tool to match the equipment’s lube requirements. It is designed for rough working environments of construction, vehicle repair, and agriculture. Large joints, bushings, and bearings can be filled quickly, the company says. Additionally, it can be used for lubricating large surface areas such as fifth wheels, chains, and conveyors. The pressure position has a standard grease gun output of 38 strokes/ounce. It develops 10,000 psi for high-pressure applications such as track adjusters.