Sage Oil Vac Vacbuilt waste oil tank

Nov. 8, 2023
Allows for maintenance or work on vehicles and heavy equipment

The VacBuilt system by Sage Oil Vac is a 30- or 60-gallon waste oil tank with mounting options for a hose reel and controls, allowing maintenance or work on vehicles and heavy equipment. 

The vacuum-generator-operated system includes a push-on fitting at the air inlet to simplify operation, according to the company. Compressed air is used to build vacuum pressure to move fluids to and from tanks. The operator can vacuum hot motor oil from equipment at up to 6 to 8 gallons per minute.  

The addition of two brackets welded to the top of the used oil tank allows the control panel and hose reel to be mounted on the system. The control panel includes a pressure gauge, a ball valve with a pressure relief setting and a ball valve with a vacuum setting. The unit comes with either a 1 inch by 50 foot hose reel or a 3/4 inch by 25 foot hose reel.  

VacBuilt systems are suitable for both mobile and shop applications, fitting into the bed of a truck.