At ConExpo 2017, Perkins is showing a new range of service and support solutions specifically designed to support Perkins engines operating across North America.

To address customer’s needs in the USA, Canada and Mexico, the company has launched Perkins Diesel Engine Oil (DEO), the only oil formulated specifically for the long operating life and performance of Perkins engines.

This unique engine oil, recommended for use in Perkins U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and below engines, is comprised of a mix of additives, designed specifically to prevent the build-up of conditions which can impair the oil performance, reduce operating life and potentially damage engine components.

“We’ve developed Perkins Engine Oil to provide end users with unbeatable protection for their engine,” said Michael Wright, General Manager. “Our oil is compatible with Tier 4 Final and below engines, and has been proven to deliver unrivalled engine performance. The oil comes in 20 and 208 litre quantities and is being made available through the Perkins network of distributors."

Made up of three base oils that deliver the right viscosity across the working temperature ranges, Perkins DEO includes a combination of 12 beneficial additives, such as:

  • Viscosity stabilizers to ensure a long and stable operating life
  • Dispersants and detergents to prevent the build-up of sludge and ash
  • Anti-wear agents and friction modifiers to ensure good lubrication and prevent wear

Perkins DEO ULS API CK-4 is the only oil recommended for use in Perkins engines, Tier 4 Final and below. Available from Perkins distributors, found here: