HCSS partners with Diesel Laptops

April 26, 2023
Combines HCSS Telematics and Equipment360 with Diesel Laptops’ proprietary software

HCSS announces integration with Diesel Laptops, combining HCSS Telematics and Equipment360 with Diesel Laptops’ proprietary software to decrease equipment downtime and increase productivity for mechanics.

“We’re always looking for high-quality companies to partner with that complement HCSS products and elevate the customer experience,” said Phillip Robinson, product manager, fleet solutions at HCSS, in a statement. “Diesel Laptops’ shop efficiency solutions offer additional tools for companies and people that use our fleet systems. This partnership is a great value-add for ownership, shop management, mechanics, and project managers who rely on equipment availability to stay on schedule.”

Said Andy Turnbull, chief revenue office for Diesel Laptops, in a statement:

“Diesel Laptops' wide range of repair resources, training, and reference tools make it easier for everyone to make repairs faster and more efficient. With a labor shortage in nearly every industry, it’s more important than ever to get the job done right and get trucks back on the road. Joining forces with HCSS helps us to better address this disparity so our mutual customers can get greater results from less labor.”

HCSS Equipment360 and HCSS Telematics are tightly integrated. The telematics hardware connects with construction equipment to measure engine health. Fault codes are then sent to Equipment360, which generates repair work orders. With the Diesel Laptops integration, users will now be able to identify an equipment issue, get instructions on how to fix that issue, and instantly access lists of which parts they will need to fix the problem.

Source: HCSS