Cummins Filtration Adopts New Name

Nov. 17, 2022
Atmus Logo Horizontal

Cummins Filtration, a business unit of Cummins, has announced a new name: Atmus Filtration Technologies.

The new corporate brand will take effect upon becoming a standalone company.

“Today’s introduction of the Atmus brand is a defining moment for our company,” said Steph Disher, VP of Cummins Filtration. “The very nature of filtration is to protect; the Atmus brand reflects everything we do today to protect our customers’ equipment and our planet. The brand is also a reflection of what we have the potential to do in the future.”

The Company’s iconic Fleetguard brand, known for its unmatched filter technology and premium products, will remain a part of Atmus Filtration Technologies' portfolio.

“Atmus Filtration Technologies reflects the journey toward an innovative and exciting future and commitment to sustainable technologies,” said Cummins president and CEO Jennifer Rumsey. “Using its filtration technology and capability, Atmus is well positioned to grow into new markets and help both existing and new customers be successful. I am excited to see what the future holds for the Company.”

Source: Cummins