[WATCH] Cranes Imploded After NOLA Hotel Collapse

Oct. 22, 2019

Authorities opted to implode two of the remaining cranes at the New Orleans Hard Rock Hotel collapse site on Sunday. New Orleans fire Chief Tim McConnell told WDSU that the implosion went “as well as it could have.”

One crane impaled a street directly below and damaged a sewer line, which was an expected result, according to the report. Water crews immediately rerouted the line following the damage.  

Damage to power and gas lines were of concern before the blast, but luckily remained untouched following the implosion. 

A portion of the second crane is still hanging on the side of the building, but is secure, McConnell told WDSU. Another crane will go up and remove the arm piece by piece.

Source: WDSU & WWLTV