Thunder Creek Equipment MTO service, fuel, and lube trailer can accommodate up to five different fluid types, including fresh oil, grease, reclaim, diesel exhaust fluid, and diesel fuel. The new trailer, says the manufacturer, is an economical alternative to a dedicate lube truck and is engineered as a scalable solution for contractors of all sizes. The modular design of the MTO allows tailoring the trailer with the exact fluid configurations needed, says Thunder Creek, ranging among 115-, 55-, and 25-gallon capacities. Overall, the MTO is available in three sizes: 460, 690, and 920 gallons.

A design highlight of the MTO, says the manufacturer, is the utility box at the rear, which is 4 inches deeper and 2 inches taller (than that of its predecessor). The increased volume allows for more features to be added, such as the compressor/generator combination, two fresh-oil lines mounted on a double reel, used-oil reclaim system, as well as a greasing system with swivel reel. All lines, nozzles, and air valves are color-coded throughout the utility box to identify the status and pressure of each individual fluid type.