Danfoss EverCool EC005 Air Conditioning Hose

Dec. 19, 2023
Hose features a maximum operating pressure of 500 psi.

The EverCool EC005 from Danfoss Power Solutions is a thermoformable air conditioning hose that features features a maximum operating pressure of 500 psi and temperature range of -22 F to 257 F. 

The air conditioning hose is for liquid lines in agriculture, construction, and commercial vehicle applications, and is fully thermoformable, even over long lengths, eliminating the need for compound hose/metal tube combinations.

Thermoformed hose assemblies minimize connection points, reducing the number of potential leak paths, according to the company. They also simplify installation in crowded engine compartments and overcome the challenges associated with complex hose routings.

The EC005 features a dual-extruded polyamide inner tube. This technology, in combination with double O-ring flat crimp fittings, guarantees extremely low permeation, according to the company.

The thermoplastic cover offers the advantages of plastic formability, higher abrasion resistance, improved corrosion resistance, and weight reduction, which in turn reduces the vehicle weight and fuel consumption.