Eaton WPL Spin-Off Filters

May 22, 2024
Filters have a flow rate of up to 48 gpm.

The Eaton WPL spin-on filters are for hydraulic systems that filter a variety of mediums such as oils, fuels, emulsions, glycol water and synthetic fluids. 

With a flow rate of up to 48 gmp and operating pressure of 145 psi, the filters are designed to provide high cleanliness levels for hydraulic systems, featuring cartridges that are engineered to fit into many filter systems on the market, according to the company. 

WPL spin-on filters consist of a head mounted directly in-line with the piping and a cartridge containing a WP filter element. The cartridge seals to the head to prevent leakage.

Operators can choose between five element sizes based on their service-life requirements. Each option is offered with fiberglass or paper as the filter material and provide a filter fineness of 10 micrometers. 

Filters can operate with mediums in the temperature range of 14 to 230 farenheit.