John Deere Power Systems PowerTech PSL 4.5L Engine Has Variable Speed Ratings

Sept. 1, 2016

The Tier 4-Final PowerTech PSL 4.5L engine with variable speed ratings is equipped with an Integrated Emissions Control system consisting of cooled EGR, a DOC and an SCR system.

The company says it designed the Integrated Emissions Control system for the PowerTech PSL and previously announced PWL 4.5L engine platforms to balance performance and operating requirements. The PowerTech PWL and PSL 4.5L engines complement the Tier 4-Final PSS 4.5L engine equipped with a DPF, providing OEMs with greater application flexibility. The PSL engine without a DPF is available with power ratings from 125 to 173 horsepower. The existing PowerTech PWL 4.5L engine with DOC/SCR aftertreatment delivers 85 to 140 horsepower.