EquipmentWatch INDEX: November 2014

Nov. 14, 2014

The November EquipmentWatch INDEX includes a quick snapshot of price, volume and age trends observed during October 2014. The INDEX is a free monthly resource for critical thinkers in the construction equipment industry to make better informed heavy equipment decisions around price, market share and equipment age metrics. The INDEX is compiled by our analysts and fueled by more than 500,000 data points from our Green Guide and Last Bid Online.

Over the past month, here are a few highlights of what we've observed:

Construction Equipment

- Despite an overall volume increase, the Northeast region saw a decrease in volume.

- Prices rose throughout the majority of states, with especially pronounced increases in the Southeast.

- Deere construction equipment continued a drop in age, falling another 0.8 years.

Lift Truck

- There was a drop of volume in Lift Trucks in October, with an overall decrease of 6%.

- Arizona showed an increase in volume due to a 38% increase in Rough Terrain Lift Trucks.

- Pennsylvania’s price increase is due to Rough Terrain Lift Trucks, which had an average price increase of 4K per unit.

Agricultural Equipment

- Resale volume rose in all but 4 states.

- Average asking prices rose 12.5% nationwide.

- The age of equipment on the market decreased by 9 months on average.

On-Highway Truck

- Volume for On-Highway trucks was down for most of the US during October.

- Despite the majority of states seeing price decreases, the increases that did occur during October were larger than September’s.

- The average age on the resale market was up for all five most popular manufacturers and the only drop on the auction market was on International.

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