IronCraft forestry disc mulcher

June 20, 2023
The 60-inch machined disc includes 44 beaver teeth

The IronCraft forestry disc mulcher has 44 beaver teeth located on the top, bottom, and perimeter of the disc, with five additional teeth located on the inside of the deck for more mulching capacity.  An angled throat design guides brush into the mulching chamber to speed up shredding.

The 60-inch fully machined disc is available with either 15 cc motor that requires 32 to 44 gpm of hydraulic flow or a 200 cc motor that requires 45 to 60 gpm of hydraulic flow. It can shred materials from 6 to 14 inches in diameter materials including standing or fallen trees.

The mulcher also features a 1-inch hinged deflector and 3/8-inch-thick deck and reinforced sides.