Genesis Attachments GDT Razer Demolition Tool for Excavators, High-Reach Demolition

Feb. 12, 2016

The GDT Razer demolition tool is designed for today’s new classes of excavators and specialty, high-reach applications.

Featuring a lighter-weight design, the GDT 190 and GDT 290 are optimized to fit on standard 200 and 300 class excavators, respectively, as well as most high-reach demolition machines. A short, flat-top head with bolt-on bracket makes installation simple, shortens the center of gravity and makes it easier to switch the tool between excavators, the company says. The tool has customizable crushing tooth configurations—the number of crushing teeth and their locations can be customized, and the bolt-on teeth are easy to install, interchangeable, and reversible front to back. Metal cutting blades in the back of the jaw are four-way indexable and feature an apex design that draws material deeper into the jaw for cutting. A pass-through lower jaw is designed to prevent material build-up and jamming.