Mantovanibenne CC65R Demolishes SickKids Building

Sept. 30, 2019

The ultimate tool for large-scale demolition operations involving reinforced concrete and metal structures is the combination crusher. The design incorporates characteristics of crushers and shears to deliver performance even in the toughest of situations.

The performance aspect of the Mantovanibenne CC65R Combi Crusher is derived from the powerful cylinders and the twin pin system that contributes to the breaking and cutting force. The jaws incorporate sharp shear shaped blades that guide the cutting power to be executed in a clean controllable manner for the operator.

Creighton Rock Drill delivered this special combi crusher to Priestly Demoliton, the stars of the hit television show Salvage Kings. The Combi Crusher was the perfect tool for them to take on their latest project of razing the old SickKids Building in Toronto to make way for the new.

The demolition had to happen in a confined space, and the site had to be demolished quickly. The speed valve on this combi crusher reduces the opening and closing time significantly, helping to boost productivity during operation times.

The interchangeable teeth and blade design makes maintenance operations easy and quick. Also built-in continuous hydraulic rotation enables precise positioning during in height demolitions.

Watch a promotional video below.

Source: Creighton Rock Drill