Hilltip IceStriker 8000 CM Combination Spreader

May 16, 2024
Spreader can be powered by 12 or 24-volt dual motors.

The Hilltip IceStriker 8000 CM is a truck-mounted combination spreader with a capacity of 8 cubic feet and the ability to spread bulk sand and gravel, bulk/bag salt, sand-salt mixes and fertilizers.

The spreader can be powered by 12 or 24-volt dual motors, which are mounted inside a sealed, weather-resistant enclosure. The integrated liquid tank has a 370-gallon capacity for pre-wetting material.

An automatic GPS speed control adjusts the material rate according to vehicle speed, ensuring the exact target rate is consistently applied on each job, according to the company. It works with Hilltip’s HTrack tracking software, which utilizes two-way GPRS tracking software for real-time equipment monitoring and control.

For corrosion resistance, the spreader has a stainless-steel auger, and the modular hopper body is made of polyethylene. The IceStriker 8000 CM also includes features to ensure consistent material flow, such as an inverted V with a vibrator to help prevent bridging. 

Other standard features include built-in tie-down loops, a top screen, tarp kit, and an accessory wire for installing work and beacon lights.