JCB Pothole Pro carries multifunction attachments

Oct. 1, 2023
Pothole Pro performs tasks typically performed by manual labor.

The JCB Pothole Pro is a single machine carrying attachments that enable it to prep potholes for subsequent asphalt repair. Mounted on a Hydradig tool carrier are a planer, cropping tool, and sweeper. JCB says the machine can prepare a pothole for asphalt in 8 minutes.

Watch a promotional video below.

How does Pothole Pro work?

The carrier travels up to 25 mph, enabling it to repair multiple potholes without transport. All attachments are operated from the cab.

  • The 24-inch planer has hydraulic depth control and is self-leveling. The planer can be shifted up to 4.26 feet, allowing operators to plane against the curb.
  • The 16-inch cropping tool provides a uniform hole and is mounted on a 360-degree tilt rotator. It eliminates the need for floor saws or breakers, providing a squared off cut to the repair area.
  • The 4-foot sweeper collects and dumps chippings. The attachment eliminates used material contamination for recycling. Dust suppression is integrated into the tool.

The cropper and sweeper are integrated into the JCB Multi-tool mounted on an X12 Steelwrist tilt-rotator. 

The Pothole Pro can prepare up to 299 cubic yards of roadway in a single shift, according to the company. The machine performs jobs traditionally done by pothole crews and delivers up to a 50% cut in daily costs, it says.