Engcon Third Generation Tiltrotator System

May 20, 2022

Engcon’s third generation tiltrotator system for excavators features technology based on a newly developed type of valve in combination with smart software that collaborates with the excavator's load-sensing hydraulic system.

This optimizes both the tiltrotator's functions and the excavator's excavator movements, which leads to smoother digging with higher precision, according to the company. For full compatibility with today's excavator systems, the company also builds in a newly developed tilt and rotation sensor as standard. The sensors contain one of the market's first "absolute" sensors and has a “plug & play” solution for both integrated and third-party machine control systems.

The EC319 is for excavators from 14 to 19 tons, and the EC314 is for excavators from 9 to 14 tons. Additional models will be introduced on an ongoing basis.