Fecon RK6015 Standard-Flow Mulcher Head

Nov. 4, 2021

The Fecon RK6015 is a wider, standard-flow mulcher head for use with most standard skid steer loaders, Avant-type wheel loaders, and other carriers up to 75 horsepower that can provide 17 to 27 gpm of hydraulic flow, have enclosed cabs that can be properly protected with the appropriate polycarbonate guarding, and can carry a 1,465-pound attachment.

A bite-limiting split-ring rotor holds 26 knife- or carbide-type cutting tools. Operating at 2,400 rpm, it can shred brush and small trees up to 5-inches in diameter, making it a tool for general vegetation management, creating defensible space for fire prevention, clearing fence rows, lot and land cleanup, and more. It weighs 1,490 pounds with mounting plate and push bar, and overall width is approximately 71 inches with a cutting width of 60 inches. Overall height is 47 inches with a depth of 33 inches.