Case Precision Grader Blade

Aug. 27, 2021

The Case Precision grader blade is an attachment for large-frame compact track loaders that delivers the grading performance of a motor grader in a more compact and agile footprint.

It is compatible with 2D and 3D machine control solution, including Case Site Control grader solutions powered by Leica Geosystems. It is also compatible with the use of laser receivers (single or dual), sonic tracers (single or dual), GNSS/GPS (single or dual), and total stations, and the attachment itself is “plug and play” with the auxiliary hydraulics and 14-pin electrical connection of a large-frame CTL. It features a 108-inch moldboard capable of jointly changing elevation and slope through dual lift cylinders, as well as achieving 60 degrees of combined blade rotation and 26 inches of combined blade side shift. Motion and action for the grader blade are controlled through the existing joysticks of the CTL—no additional controls are required.