40 Hard-Working Tools for Compact Equipment

Sept. 28, 2010

The number of attachments for smaller machines such as skid-steer loaders, compact wheel loaders, mini-excavators and backhoe-loaders has mushroomed in the past several years. Now, with the investment in a carrier machine, an equipment user can take on a wide range of jobs with the right attachments.

Here is just a sampling of some of the latest attachments for smaller machines. In addition to the attachments represented here, many manufacturers of the carrier equipment offer their own lines of branded attachments. Consult your equipment distributors to learn what attachments they offer.

Skid-Steer Loader Becomes 3-Ton Roller

MBW's ATS/ATP 60 vibratory-roller attachments connect directly to most skid-steer loaders. With a centrifugal force of 7,675 pounds, these attachments turn a skid-steer into a 3-ton roller. Units are available in smooth or padded drum models for high-density compaction on the full range of soil types. Also included is a standard knockdown blade for grading, which is integral to the roller frame with the height easily adjusted by controls on the skid-steer. Two hydraulic hose connections are quick and convenient for the operator.

No Additional Plumbing Needed

Designed for backhoe-loaders with extendible inner sticks, the Rockland Smart Thumb uses the hydraulic forces already on the machine, so no additional plumbing and another control valve are needed. The attachment provides a quick, positive hydraulic grip from the bucket curl and stick extension. It automatically swings out of the way for close digging. Tip extensions bolt on quickly and allow the Smart Thumb to be used with a coupler or bucket that has an extended tip radius.

Five Working Positions

Designed for use with most makes of skid-steer loaders, the Model SSF York landscape rake can be set at angles to discharge material either left or right and, with a 6-, 7- or 8-foot rake section and five working positions can handle most landscaping or maintenance jobs. The rake also can be equipped with optional caster wheels, grader blade and end boots for greater versatility.

For Lower-Flow Hydraulics

General Equipment's Model 471 Dig-R-Tach hydraulically powered earth-drilling-attachment system is specifically designed for use with lower-auxiliary hydraulic system flow rates found on certain models of compact backhoe-loaders, mini-excavators and compact utility loaders. The system features a universal mounting bracket that readily conforms to a wide variety of loader-bucket configurations. Augers range from 2- to 24-inch diameters. Standard digging depth is 4 feet, but auger extensions are available.

Compaction Wheel Weighs 850 Pounds

Action Equipment's 183 LBWL and 243 LBWL compaction wheels are made to fit rubber-tired backhoes and mini-excavators ranging in weight from 8,500 to 20,000 pounds. The 243 LBWL wheel is 23 inches wide with three rims. It weighs 850 pounds. The 183 LBWL is 17 inches wide, also has three rims and weighs 835 pounds. They both can achieve industry-standard compaction densities in six to 10 passes.

Drills Horizontally

Special-application drill attachments from Minnich include this hydraulically powered horizontal double drilling rig. Features include carriage units that slide on low-friction wear pads and nitrogen charge without teardown. Adjustable hole spacing accommodates any project specification. Drills can be custom designed to meet the application.

Sweeps Forward Or Reverse

Available in 4- to 6-foot widths, Sweepster's SB Series sweepers for skid-steer loaders mount directly to the loader arms and come with a quick-attach coupler to match the skid-steer. The sweeper can sweep in forward or reverse direction, loading into the hopper pick-up. The hopper can be easily dumped. The main brush is available in polypropylene, wire or poly/wire bristles. Optional gutter broom and sprinkler system also offered.

Brush Combinations Available

The broom of United Rotary Brush's FFC Cyclone attachment features wafer sections constructed of virgin polypropylene, wire or a combination of both and can be ordered flat or convoluted for a wide range of sweeping options. The poly and wire convoluted wafers take advantage of the "flick action" and the "cutting action" of wire, for a uniform brush face. Brushes can be used in road construction or resurfacing, parking lot or ground maintenance, snow, grass or landscape sweeping.

Drill Can Be Customized

Using different drill heads and mast lengths to customize the drill, the HCM skid-steer rock drill attachment from TEI can be used for blasting, foundation building and repair, soil nails and earth retention walls. The drill operates from the skid-steer's hydraulics and has 4-, 5- and 6-foot steel, pipe or auger changes. Hole diameters range from 1 to 6 inches.

Multi-Purpose Bucket

The new Helac PowerGrip multi-purpose bucket gives backhoes the ability to perform a variety of tasks with a single attachment. It can be used as a trenching, grading or clamshell bucket, grapple or hydraulic thumb. The PowerGrip has a full trenching bucket profile with no obstructing crossbars inside the bucket shell or on the movable jaw that could restrict the handling and unloading of material. Operating independent of the bucket curl cylinder, the jaw opens to 120 degrees. The serrated edges on the bucket shell and jaw help hold material in place.

Three Boring Heads

A choice of three boring heads come with the ATI McMillen X1975 auger: heavy-duty cast steel, fabricated (includes two diameter designs for trees and shrubs), and rock (includes bullet style teeth). The auger is available in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-foot lengths with various auger diameters from 4 to 48 inches.

Useful in Narrow Trench Work

The HC10 vibratory plate compactor from Hudco works well with mini-excavators and is especially useful in narrow trench work. It also can be used to drive wood, steel sheeting, posts and beams. Various compactor tops will custom fit to various quick-attach couplers. Options include extended base plates, swivel tops, hydraulic valves, and complete hydraulic installation kits.

Forks Add Versatility

Construction Technology's "Drive-In" forks are a fast and easy way to make almost any loader more versatile. They are available in 1,000-pound (36-inch tines), 4,000-pound (42-inch tines) and 6,000-pound (48-inch tines) lift capacities to fit most backhoes, small loaders, skid-steer loaders and backhoe-loaders. The forks have swiveling top and bottom clamp pads for efficient contact with the surface of the bucket, improving fit and function. The upright keeps pallets from slipping backward.

Precise Material Placement

For precision placement of concrete or gravel, there's the Lift Chute from Jo-Da-Ly. Attaching to a skid-steer, the device adds the feature of a funnel with a hydraulic lift to the strength and utility of the bucket. This facilitates the pouring of materials from a wide bucket into a small hole or narrow trench or form. Features include an adjustable rubber seal where the chute meets the bucket's cutting edge, an adjustable mouth for funneling material, and a 36-inch extension. An optional vibrator improves the flow of low-slump or other flow-resistant materials.

Choice of Tine Configuration

Completely constructed from Hardox AR450 material, the Esco contractor's grapple line has configurations for demolition, scrap processing, rock handling and land clearing. The 450 Brinnell hardness provides excellent abrasion resistance and yields strength of 174,000-psi toughness. Choose from grapples with tines in 3/2, 4/3 or 5/4 combinations. Pin-on versions of the grapple can be converted to a coupler version or vice versa.

Full Right and Left Shift

The full width side shift of the Alitec high-flow cold planer from Woods Equipment allows the planer to fully shift left and right, not just to the right. The hydraulic drive shaft smoothly moves the planer 66 inches from left to right, making it easy to maneuver around obstacles. The feature increases productivity because it allows the operator to make three complete passes—left, middle and right—without repositioning the machine.

Slopeboard Has 6-foot Length

Designed for smaller dozers with PAT blades, the Mountain West slopeboard mounts directly to the side or back of the blade. It is hydraulically operated and is used for cutting slopes, banks or grades at any angle from 0 to 90 degrees. The slopeboard is an effective attachment for applications such as highway construction, logging roads, golf course construction, housing pads and landscaping. The slopeboard has a minimum length of 6 feet with optional extensions.

Various Chain Options

A planetary drive with two hydraulic motor options is one of the features of the ATI Bradco 600 mini-trencher. Other features include pivoting spring loaded crumber for cleaner trenches, multi-fit bolt-on frames for easy transfer to different machines, and various chain options including standard, 70/30 combination and shark style. The 36-inch boom has variable depth control and 4- and 8-inch chain widths to match job specifications. Standard flow and higher flow models are available.

Get More Reach

The Extendable Paw from Paul Weaver Construction Equipment is a cost-effective way to add extra reach and digging depth to mini-excavators and backhoe-loaders, providing up to 30 percent more reach. It installs easily and fits several different models. The Paw transports with the machine and is able to lift heavy loads.

Places Concrete in Tight Areas

A concrete carrier, the Harley Concrete Chuter from Glenmac, can be maneuvered for carrying and placing concrete up into 8-foot-high columns and other tight working areas. Other applications include patios, sidewalks, pools, pre-formed columns and retaining walls. The design of the bucket reduces spillage and reduces wear and tear on the skid-steer. Safety and accuracy are built in with a 10-inch dispensing door supplied with a tight-fitting seal and enclosed to be inaccessible for accidental injury.

Coupler Adapts to Many Brands

JRB's RotoLoc backhoe coupler can pick up most buckets and tools for popular brand backhoe-loaders. The coupler quickly adapts to different pin spacings and diameters, so attachments can be switched between backhoe brands in minutes. The coupler uses a custom designed screw-jack to expand and retract the locking mechanism. A few cranks on a wrench and the attachment is locked in place.

Bucket Has 90-Degree Rotation

The Pro-Tilt bucket from Geith is available in pin-on or quick-coupler configurations. Standard features include a reversible bolt-on edge, bucket wear straps, spill guard and corrosion-resistant pivot pins. Heavy-duty cast side cutters, bucket center rib and dual mechanical stops promote extended cylinder life. The bucket has 90-degree rotation and is easy to install.

Skid-Steer Dozer Blade

Available in widths from 6 to 8 feet, the 1300 skid-steer dozer blade from Grouser Products features a 5/16-inch-thick moldboard with a skid shoe design that allows vertical and horizontal adjustment. The latest blade design provides a full-width safety step area, a protective cavity for the available electric diverter valve, and a flush-mounted 6-inch reversible cutting edge. Most of the blades have hydraulic angle/tilt control. The blade angles 30 degrees left and right and tilts 10 degrees.

Ejector Bucket Increases Reach

The push-plate ejector bucket from Attachments International increases operating reach by 2 feet and operating height by 2 feet, allowing a skid-steer to completely fill a truck. The ejector mechanism makes it possible to eject mud and other sticky materials.

Shredder Tackles 8-Inch Trees

The Fecon Bull Hog wood shredder is now available for high-flow skid-steers. Equipped with a quick-attach coupler, it uses a rotor design for finer mulching in fewer passes. It is capable of processing 6- to 8-inch trees intermittently, can plane stumps up to 12 inches in diameter to grade level, and can grind into the soil surface. The fixed hammer design makes tool changes quick and easy, with the fixed hammers incorporating counter combs to hold material for the hammers to cut through as well as double carbide cutting tips. Bull Hog models also are available for excavators, PTO and track-type tractors.

Easily Maneuvers Uneven Loads

Heavy-duty construction, hardened pivot and cylinder pins, and cushioned cylinders allow the Scrap Grapple Bucket from FFC Attachments to withstand the demands of work in scrap-handling, recycling, site cleanup and other tough applications. The grapple can easily maneuver uneven loads, while the bucket traps and holds material. The grapple, available in three models and 10 sizes, attaches quickly and easily to all major skid-steers, backhoe-loaders and small wheel loaders.

Drives 10-Inch-Wide Posts into Ground

CE Attachments' Edge Post Driver for skid-steer loaders drives posts as wide as 10 inches into the ground. Hydraulic post drivers produce a driving action to eliminate air pockets in the soil and provide an immediate airtight post set. Features include heavy-duty springs to increase driving ram force and a maximum cycle rate of 40 strokes per minute to increase project efficiency and skid-steer productivity.

Cuts to 5½ Inches Deep

A high-speed rotary asphalt cutter, the Roto-Cut from Allied Construction Products, delivers straight, smooth cuts up to 5½ inches deep at a rate of 6,000 feet per hour. Applications include removal of the asphalt surface, trenching and patching jobs, edging, scoring and forming operations, utility line construction, and other asphalt maintenance jobs.

Chain-Driven Breaker

The Cyclone concrete breaker from Universal Impact Technologies can break concrete up to 16 inches thick. The breaking weight of the Cyclone is chain driven and requires minimal flow demand and low hydraulic pressure to deliver 3,000 ft.-lbs. of impact to its intended target. The unique "skid" system functions to dissipate the shock into the ground and away from the carrier. The breaker is easy to operate and requires little maintenance.

Choice of Teeth

For regular or high-flow skid-steer loaders, the Danuser line of earth augers comes with a quick-attach mounting plate. The 4-foot augers range in diameter from 6 to 36 inches. Tooth choices include dirt, hardfaced and carbide points. Auger extensions are available in lengths of 12, 24 and 36 inches.

Adapts to Variety of Carriers

Designed for mini-excavators, Tramac's TraPac-6 and TraPac-6TM vibratory plate compactors have a standard base plate of 11×18 inches, with optional bolt-on baseplates of 17.5×18 inches and 23.5×18 inches. An optional flow control valve allows the operator to easily adapt to a variety of carriers with a flow range of 7 to 30 gpm. The TraPac operating system combines maximum eccentric weight with precise proportions of amplitude and vibration frequency that generates the most productive centrifugal force.

Grapples in Different Sizes

Root grapples for skid-steer loaders come in three sizes: light duty, standard and monster. From Loflin Fabrication, the light-duty version is designed for smaller skid-steers, while the monster is recommended for skid-steers of 75 horsepower and above. The monster is constructed of ¾-inch top quality steel plate, and when opened, has a distance from tine to tine measuring 52 inches. Depth from inside front to back is 47 inches. Grapples operate independently, adjusting to uneven loads.

Installs Silt Fences

A single operator can install erosion-control silt fence to a depth of 12 inches and up to 100 feet per minute with the ImpleMax SF12c Silt Fence Installer. An attachment for skid-steers, wheel loaders and tractors, the silt fence installer uses a vibratory plow assembly and the Blade-Loc plow blade to cut fence into the ground in most soils without collapses and washouts. Typical applications include erosion control, construction, land clearing, ROW maintenance, landscaping, reclamation, drainage utilities and containment.

Grease Cylinder Tensioning

For larger skid-steer loaders, the Lowe Model 21C trenching attachment operates with hydraulic flows between 13 and 25 gpm. New features include a boom design with a grease cylinder tensioning and end boom roller. It is available in 2- to 5-foot digging depths, and 6- to 12-inch trench widths. Included are 50,000-pound anti-back flex digging chain, removable spoil auger, and greasable tapered roller bearings in the nose. Also featured are easy mounting, side-shift capability, only two hydraulic hose connections to the loader, and a 3,000-psi continuous operating pressure capability.

Works in Forward Or Reverse

Prepare all types of soils with the Loegering Eliminator skid-steer grading rake. The rake works well in small, tight areas that would normally require manual labor. It is available with either 12- or 13-inch scarifying teeth, the latter for machines that sit higher or for tracked machines. Scarifying and leveling can be done going forward and in reverse. Available in three sizes, 42-, 72- and 84-inch, the rake is ideal along driveways, walks and curbs for removing scrub and small vegetation.

Choice of Mounting Kits

For cleanup, material-handling and snow-removal applications, the TrynEx SweepEx Mega 600 is built with a 60-inch-long mainframe. Mounting kits for forklifts, bucket lips, three-point hitches and skid-steer pivots are available to maximize the broom's versatility. The broom is built with no moving parts, eliminating the cleaning and lubrication of sprockets and bearings. Brush replacement is quick and easy with the unique brush section system.

Converts Bucket

The crumbing blade from Hall's Dirt Squeegee Blade convert a toothed bucket into a toothless blade in less than 60 seconds. Blades fit all sizes of backhoe-loaders and mini-excavators. Blades have a cutting edge made of T-120 steel that is replaceable.