Ignite Attachments augers

June 21, 2023
Can dig to 86 inches

Ignite Attachments auger lineup includes models 75DDH, 165DDH, 150PH, and 210PH. The four models offer a digging depth of 50 inches with a standard bit or up to 86 inches with an optional extension.

The classic-drive 75DDH has a hydraulic flow range of 8-20 gpm and the 165DDH has a hydraulic flow range of 14-25 gpm. Planetary-drive models include the 150PH with a hydraulic flow range of 10-20 gpm and the 210PH with a flow range of 15-30 gpm.

All four augers are self-aligning, with a joint between the mounting frame and drive unit that ensures a straight, vertical hole even while working on contoured, sloped, or uneven ground.