Caterpillar G306, G308 Grapples

March 17, 2023
NEW: Demolition and sorting applications.

Models G306 and G308 Cat grapples are for use in demolition and sorting applications. The G306 mounts to 5- to 6-ton mini excavators, and the G308 to 7- to 10-ton excavators.

Open and close functions are controlled by the excavator’s first auxiliary function and the rotation head is handled by the second. The grapples have 360 degrees of bidirectional rotation.

Material capacities are 0.21 cubic yard for the G306 and 0.31 cubic yard for the G308. Vertical perforated shelves offer high wear resistance, positive penetration, good load visibility, and easy positioning. The oversized heavy-duty cylinder with load holding valve delivers constant clamping force, even when maneuvering the grapple or machine, according to the company.

The swing bearing features a single-ball heavy-duty, internally driven design. For longer life, the weld-on base edge design is made of HB500 Brinell equivalent material and bolt-on cutting edge (BOCE) from high-strength, abrasion-resistant steel.