Ignite Attachments Breaker Attachments

Feb. 14, 2024
Line features light, standard, and heavy duty models.

The new line up of breakers from Ignite Attachments include light, standard, and heavy-duty models for use on skid steer and compact track loaders

Capable of breaking hard rock and reinforced concrete, the breakers come standard with a moil and a chisel, a gauge tool, and universal mounting frame.

The light-duty breaker is designed for loaders with hydraulic flow of 7 to 13 gpm. It weighs 503 pounds and delivers impact energy between 214 and 236 lb.-ft.

The standard-duty breaker weighs 840 pounds and requires 11 to 18 gpm. It delivers 435 to 465 lb.-ft. of impact energy.

The heavy-duty breaker requires 13 to 24 gpm. It weighs 1,005 pounds and delivers 778 to 819 lb.-ft. of impact energy.