Minnich Single Gang Barrier Wall Drill

Feb. 6, 2024
Self-propelled drill eliminates manual adjustments.

The Minnich Single Gang Barrier Wall Drill is a self-propelled, pneumatic drill that has been designed to optimize efficiency and safety during the securing of concrete barrier walls by drilling a single hole with more precision and in less time than multiple gang options.

The company says the drill eliminates the time of making manual adjustments to align multiple drill hole measurements. There is no need to line up drill holes. Align the drill steel through the pre-molded opening in the barrier wall, penetrate the sub-base, drop in the steel pin anchor, and move to the next securing point. Its 8.5-foot by 6.5-foot frame sits on a 9-foot flatbed trailer for job site transport.

The 1,630-pound drill can be lifted and placed on a concrete barrier wall with a backhoe or compact excavator.